Jimmy Kimmel’s Birthday the Setting for Epic Prank on Cast of ‘Scandal’

jimmy kimmel

Joshua Malina is the resident prankster on the set of the hit show Scandal, and he used Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday as a ruse for his latest joke on the cast.  The late night talk show host had much fun on his birthday with guests like Jim Carrey and Bellamy Young, who is also a member of the Scandal cast. She reflected back on some of Malina’s pranks, and noted that not all of them are of the funny variety, as he graciously set her up in a surprise reveal of her Critic’s Choice nomination. She even had a little fun at the host’s expense, as he forgot he still had the birthday hat on that Carrey had given him. He received not only great interviews, but  also a pony from Carrey, who wanted him to relive his youth. Nothing beats an epic birthday show, and when Malina showed up he added a big dose of laughter along with the rest of the birthday surprises.

Malina plays David Rosen on the hit show Scandal, and has had many notable roles in TV dramas, such as The West Wing and A Few Good Men. A married man with two children, he has long played the role of prankster on the set of his latest series, and one wonders how they can keep continually falling for it. Kimmel asks him just this question, and the answer given is that if you give actors and actresses lines to say and put them in front of a camera, no one suspects a thing. Young believes that the cast is just completely gullible.

Kimmel turned 47 on Friday and had a star-studded show to celebrate. The laughs were non-stop and the star power was unbeaten. The comedian has long been known for his comic routines. which are highlighted on his late night show. Most notable is his Halloween viewer challenge where he asks parents to tell their children that they ate all their kids’ Halloween candy, and to capture their child’s reaction on tape. Loyal fans are up for the challenge every year, and the prank ends up getting hundreds of thousands of views.

Carrey came out to celebrate not only Kimmel’s birthday, but the opening of his newest movie, Dumb and Dumber To, and in true Carrey fashion, he even cut a stranger’s hair into a bowl cut.  With an almost cult-like following of the first movie, it was not hard to find a fan willing to submit to the crazy challenge. The makeshift barber shop was set up out on the street – barber pole and all – and the young volunteer went willingly into the chair, where Carrey literally put a bowl on his head and cut his long locks right around the rim.

In the video below, it is evident that Kimmel and Malina are two-of-a kind when it comes to pranking. Whether it is fans or colleagues, these two men can create something out of nothing, and the results are hysterical. The show’s followers and the late night host are big fans of hearing the tales of the jokester while on set. While usually more hands-on, this prank just required a bit of editing to produce laughable results for what were otherwise quite mundane wishes for Kimmel’s birthday.

By Kristi Cereska

People Magazine