Kabul Suicide Bomber Kills Officer and Wounds Six

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In Kabul, Afghanistan, a suicide bomber is reportedly responsible, according to news which was broken by BBC News, of killing at least one officer and wounding six others when he blew himself up. This incident took place early on Sunday morning, according to officials in the capital of Afghanistan.

Chief of police General Mohammad Zahir Zahir stated that the bombing was carried out by a person who was dressed in a “military uniform.” He added that he attack in Kabul occurred “on the third floor of the building, where my office is located.”

The suicide bomber, according to the chief of police, was responsible for killing one police officer and he stated that “at least six other police officers are wounded.”

According to Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, the explosion caused by the suicide bomber took place around 9:00 a.m. local time in Kabul on Sunday or 11:30 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday night. The area where the suicide bomber killed himself was crowded.

Two hours previously, there was another explosion in Kabul, according to Defense Ministry spokesman General Mohammad Zahair Azimi. He stated that there were no casualties in the earlier attack, which was on an army vehicle.

The identity of the suicide bomber, if known, has not yet been released. Responsibility for both attacks was claimed by Taliban insurgents.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Fox News
Photo by EUPOL Afghanistan – Flickr License