Keira Knightley Topless and Laggies Connection or Not



The news that Keira Knightley posed topless coming out on the same day that the actress’s latest film Laggies premiered could make it seem that there is a connection here that does not have anything to do with feminism, her self image, or the issue of Photoshopping. The timing, to the more cynical, is certainly suspect and what better way to garner attention, especially if the topless torso belongs to an actress who is gorgeous more often than not. While the evidence does lead one to believe that this was just done to put Knightley’s image in the forefront in a bid to publicize the film, the truth appears to be just the opposite.

It should be pointed out that the 29 year-old actress has always been very public in her disgust at the practise of Photoshopping. Keira has also been very outspoken about her feminism and that she is very comfortable with her self image. The British performer has appeared in a least a few films topless and to date she has never gone on record moaning about what her particular assets are, or are not. In her latest film, Knightley feels so comfortable in her own skin that the makeup for the film Laggies seems almost non-existent.

In the movie about a 20 something woman having difficulty “growing up” and fitting it, Keira not only has minimal makeup, but the fashions she wears in the film show off just what she does not have in the breast department. Looking at the topless picture that Ms. Knightley allowed Patrick Demarchelier to take for Interview magazine, it is apparent that she is comfortable in her own skin and reading the article, not once does she make any connection with Laggies out in cinemas right now. Although the magazine does mention The Imitation Game at the end of the article.

There is a lot to be said for an actress whose first role, in the brilliant Bend it Like Beckham, was a “flat-chested” tom-boy athlete with a mother who pushes her to get a padded bra because, “there’s a reason that Sporty Spice never has a fella.” While Disney decided to make use of a push up bra for Knightley’s roles in Pirates of the Caribbean(plural) the woman herself has not gone in for any enhancements, which does go against the Hollywood stereotype of starlet.

Considering Keira is one short step away from the first age hurdle, the big three-oh, when gravity enters nemesis status for every woman on the face of the earth, it is no wonder that she is very pleased with what she has. Having said that, however, Ms. Knightley does seem to be the sort who really is not bothered by aging, gravity, wrinkles or sagging. Although there was the one Photoshop where the magazine gave her large saggy breasts and her response was, [sic] “if you’re giving me fantasy boobs, couldn’t they be pert?”

The bottom line is this, Keira Knightley is perfectly comfortable going topless, thank you very much, and there is not any connection between her film Laggies and the picture in question. The only thing the actress wants to prove is that everyone should be proud of who they are and what they have. Feminist issues aside, Knightley stands for women realising that their self image and what they make of it is what is important. Keira Knightley says, in essence, do not let a man or society define you or your looks. Excellent message Ms. K.

By Michael Smith




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