Lammily Doll Is Changing Perceptions [Video]


As children, girls often practice their fashionista skills on a feminine plastic figurine named Barbie. There has been a lot of drawn-out controversy over the classic Barbie throughout the years, mainly regarding the artificial human figure being unrealistically perfect. Even though many aim to be seen as physically perfect, there are others that argue perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Artist Nickolay Lamm has created a doll to represent what he believes is the ideal and realistic representation of what can and may happen as girls become women, changing the perception of what to expect as they age. The new doll was first introduced through a crowdfunding platform which raised funds to produce 5,000 units of the average-proportioned figure. Not only was the goal met, but 13,621 backers pre-ordered over 19,000 dolls for the Lammily launch.

Lamm has also ensured the doll has addable sticker options such as stretch marks, glasses, acne, cellulite, bruises, stitches, grass stains, dirt stains, temporary tattoos and bandages. Lamm has created a female representation of women that does not try to hide what many women perceive as shameful or unattractive. Writing on his personal website, he said, “The foundation of Lammily is built on being true to yourself in a world that pressures you to conform to standards. I believe an entire world, with interactive resources, accessories and clothes can be built to allow kids to find their own path.” The Lammily doll, with its varying sizes and proportion, is often compared to competitor Barbie. The comparison involves many measurements, including thighs, waist, feet, arms, chest and height.

Recently, the world has witnessed several cases of men and women aspiring to be these unrealistic figures through extreme means such as plastic surgery. Self-proclaimed “Living Barbie,” Valeria Lukyanova, admits that she aims to survive on light and air alone by completely forgoing the act of eating. The “Living Ken dolls,” Justin Jedlica and Rodrigo Alves, have both spent thousands on multiple cosmetic surgeries to imitate the perfections they see in their inanimate counterpart. While the results may seem ideal to some, the process and journey to get to this state can be dangerous.

So far, the Lammily launch has received a lot of support and excitement over the average proportions and concept of the new female figurine. The Lammily doll is currently being sold for $25. The first edition of the doll will include one doll with an ombre blouse, denim shorts and white sneakers. Lammily sells the accessory marks package, which includes all of the previously mentioned stickers, for $6 and clothing for varying prices. As for the future of the company, Lamm has suggested that he intends to introduce multiple ethnicities and different, healthy body shapes. The line may soon also include male dolls of multiple shapes and sizes. Lamm plans to commence delivery of the Exclusive First Edition Lammily dolls on Nov. 28, 2014. The launch of the Lammily doll could start a change in the perception of beauty and diversity in terms of size and shape with human figure imitation counterparts.

By Ashlee Smith

Nickolay Lamm

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