Massachusetts Murder Suspect Found Dead


A suspect sought in a Massachusetts woman’s murder has been found dead. The man was found deceased close by his own automobile on Sunday morning, stated Massachusetts State Police. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Paulo Rosa, age 30, after the female, who was stated to be somewhere in her 30’s, was found dead inside their house at 45 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester on Saturday evening.

Law enforcement explained that they thought the woman’s death was due to the result of domestic violence, but they refused to say how she was murdered. However, they stated that they did not think any sort of firearm was used. The murder victim was a sister of a Boston police officer, stated a law enforcement official who had been instructed on the case.

At about 12:25 a.m. Sunday morning, Massachusetts State Police were traversing Route 195 when they found the alleged suspect’s automobile sitting on the side of the road, explained a State Police spokesperson. Law enforcement brought in canine search dogs to hunt around the region, and the suspect’s body was found about 500 feet away from the vehicle in a wooded area around 3:20 a.m.

Massachusetts State Police Superintendent Timothy Alben, went onto Twitter later Sunday morning and sent out a Tweet about the investigation. It explained that the deceased suspect in the Boston homicide had been found by a Massachusetts State Police search team.

The automobile, which was sitting on the side of the road, was the vehicle that Rosa had been allegedly suspected of taking off in, the state police spokesperson noted. Rosa’s body was sent to Boston to the medical examiner’s office, stated law enforcement. The Massachusetts State Police spokesperson did not reveal what was the cause of death but did state it was not from a firearm. The person also stated that there was no foul play suspected in the demise of the suspect.

Massachusetts State Police were able to clear the scene at around 6:40 a.m., noted the spokesperson. There was a press conference held by law enforcement just outside the couple’s house on Saturday afternoon. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans spoke to reporters and said that a statewide manhunt had been issued in the hunt for Rosa. The state police exclaimed that they were in fear that Rosa might have attempted to hurt others or himself. Officer Williams stated that they were very concerned about finding the suspected murderer.

While he was speaking at the conference, Evans stated that the deceased female was well known to law enforcement. He also said that Rosa did not have any sort of a criminal back ground. The police commissioner also told about the pair having a son, age 5, who had not been harmed during the time of his mother’s murder. It was unknown if the child was at home or not when his mother was killed or if he happened to witness when she died. A relative of Rosa’s, who happened to also be at the scene on Saturday, stated that the pair had another child as well, which was even younger than the 5-year-old, but law enforcement made no mention of that particular youngster.

By Kimberly Ruble


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