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Oscar-nominated comedic actress Melissa McCarthy has risen to fame with her memorable roles in films like Bridesmaids, The Heat and Tammy, but little do many of her fans know of the undiscovered YouTube character the actress created before making it to the A-List. Marbles Harsgrove is the name of McCarthy’s eccentric character and many people would deem the actress unrecognizable after seeing these YouTube videos.

The first post of Marbles Harsgrove was made by username BenjyFalcone on Dec. 6, 2006. The username implies that it is indeed McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone, that has uploaded the video and undoubtably collaborated in making the videos with her. What is so interesting about this find is that the actress and her husband created this video eight years ago, before the actress had amounted to any movie stardom and became a household name. Audiences had seen her as Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls at this point, but McCarthy had not quite acquired the Hollywood limelight just yet.

One must find it very intriguing to see a relatively private and low-key project of such a notable star come to the forefront now. Journalist Anderson Cooper was among the first to bring the character of Marbles Harsgrove to mainstream attention when he questioned McCarthy about the videos on his talk show. He stated he had no idea that the character was her until after he saw Bridesmaids and thought it was such a coincidence that he was following the YouTube character long before he saw McCarthy’s breakout performance in the film.

The actress stated that Marbles Harsgrove is a character that she created with her husband, who Marbles refers to as “Randy” in the videos. The couple will apparently dedicate their free time to creating episodes of video blogs starring Marbles. It seems that the two stars have had absolutely no free time at all recently because it has actually been years since a video starring McCarthy’s wacky character has made an appearance.

Still, fans of the actress will appreciate the comedy she displays in these videos. Marbles’ segments are usually very opinionated, putting her two cents in on films and other sources of the entertainment industry. The character seems to have little to no eyebrows whatsoever and a bit of a slurred speech impediment all whilst sporting a short bob haircut. McCarthy has done a brilliant job at disguising herself and any casual viewer would have no idea that it is indeed the acclaimed movie star that is known today.

The creation of YouTube characters has become a rather popular trend in the recent years. A few successful examples include the off-key Miranda Sings and the obnoxiously delightful GloZell Green who have made legitimate careers in the entertainment industry through use of YouTube videos. Perhaps McCarthy was ahead of her time when putting up Marbles Harsgrove for the internet to see.

Melissa McCarthy’s undiscovered YouTube character is a unique tidbit that her fans will love to experience. One of Marbles Harsgrove’s videos can be viewed below.

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