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A woman in New York was found beheaded in her apartment in a possible murder-suicide. CNN stated her son was then reported to have allegedly committed suicide by stepping in front of a train according to a source in law enforcement. CNN reported the two incidents may be connected and authorities have been looking into it, as well as for the murder weapon.

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, reports surfaced that a decapitated body had been found lying on the streets of Long Island, New York. Witnesses had told police that at first they thought it was a Halloween prank. According to Daily Mail, someone even picked up the body, thinking it was fake. This is when people reportedly realized the body was a real woman who had been beheaded.

The Daily Mail reported the suspect in the beheading of a New York woman is primarily her son, who reportedly jumped in front of a train later the same evening. The woman, Patricia Ward, a professor at Farmingdale State College, was discovered by police moments before reports had come in about a man who had jumped in front of a train.

Derek Ward, 35, is allegedly mentally-ill and had not received his medication for at least two of the four days he was supposed to have taken it. The Daily Mail stated the woman’s brother, Rev. Robert Lubrano, had told New York Daily News an appointment had been set up for Friday for Derek to receive a prescription for his medication. Unfortunately that would never happen as both were killed on Tuesday night.

Huffington Post reported police are still trying to connect the murder of this New York woman, who may have been beheaded in her own apartment, with a possible murder-suicide case. Witnesses had told police the suspect had dragged the body of the woman out of an apartment building and onto the street. Some witnesses even stated the suspect was seen kicking the severed head onto the street.

CBS Local in New York had stated there were reportedly no suspicions leading up to the crime. No one had witnessed the crime happen and no calls were made to police about any domestic disturbances. CBS Local stated, however, that Derek Ward did have a criminal history and may have been distressed over the recent passing of his grandfather.

CBS Local stated Patricia Ward was well-loved at the college where she worked and had taught language arts as an assistant professor. Colleagues were reportedly shocked to hear about the news of her death. CBS Local stated there were no past reports of any conflict between the son and his mother, although Derek Ward had served time in the past for possessing weapons and drugs.

The Daily Mail had also stated Ward was found with a gun and about 100 pills of Valium at the time of his death. His uncle had reportedly stated Ward had suffered from attention deficit disorder and had a problem with dyslexia. He also appeared “increasingly erratic” days before the tragedy took place. His uncle believed his mental illness was the cause of both deaths since Ward was unable to fill and take his prescribed medicine.

A New York woman was found beheaded and left on the street in a possible murder-suicide. Police have not confirmed the link between Derek Ward and his mother Patricia, even though eyewitnesses claimed they saw the suspect carry her body out into the street. Although there may be a link between the alleged murder of Patricia Ward and alleged suicide of Derek Ward, there is still no confirmation that both deaths are linked together.

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