Online Photos Posted Show Murdered Woman’s Body

Online Photos

Graphic online photos of a murdered woman’s body were posted online in Washington State and law enforcement is now looking for a man who is believed to have possibly killed the female. She was his girlfriend and the online photos were put up on the Internet just a few hours before her body was found.

David Kalac is suspected of killing Amber Coplin, stated court papers from near Tacoma in Washington. The online photos were placed on websites that looked as if to be the dead woman along with the inside of her home, stated a plausible cause certificate. The individual who put up the picture mentioned about how the female had been killed and also penned about wanting to be lethally shot by the police.

Washington State Troopers explained that they discovered Coplin’s body inside her bedroom, just like the online photos. Next to her head was her driver’s license and the word “dead” had been written on it. The window blinds were scrawled with the words “terrible news.” They also discovered the words “killed me first” had been penned all over a photograph that was hanging on one of the bedroom walls.

Court manuscripts explained that Coplin’s son, age 13, described to law enforcement that Kalac and his mother had been in a loud argument on Monday evening while he was in his bedroom. The young teenager stated he believed his mom had gone to sleep and that Kalac had left the house on Tuesday. It was later in the morning when the boy started to become nervous and rang up his father for help. It was then that Coplin’s body was discovered.

A 911 call to emergency services conveyed that the murder victim’s face had been smashed in and her entire body was bruised and bloody. It was also stated that her automobile was missing and reported as stolen. Just a couple of hours after Coplin’s body had been found, Washington State Police noted that one of their troopers temporarily chased Kalac, who was spotted driving the vehicle. The officer attempted to get the driver to stop, but the car drove away at a very high rate of speed. It is was quickly decided a chase would not ensue due to the fact that the automobile was veering dangerously into approaching traffic.

Kalac is believed to be the one and only suspect in Coplin’s murder, so it is also allegedly assumed that he is the one who put up the graphic online photos. There were also witnesses who stepped forward who backed up the teen son’s story and declared that they had also heard what sounded like a violent argument, along with heavy thumping noises and banging sounds coming from the home.

Apparently, the murder suspect sent a text to one of his friends from his cellphone sometime Tuesday afternoon that hinted about the online photos. He informed the colleague that he would be hearing about him in all the news reports. Kalac was next spotted in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday where law enforcement there caught a glimpse of him around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday morning.

It was believed Kalac was the driver of Coplin’s car but nothing was able to be confirmed. Both Washington State and Oregon State Police are on the look-out for the murdered woman’s car. It is a gold-colored 2001 Ford Focus and has Washington license plates 495-YLY.

By Kimberly Ruble


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