Piers Morgan Slams Shia LaBeouf Rape Claim

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After Shia LaBeouf’s interview in which he claims that he was raped became public on Friday, TV personality Piers Morgan took to Twitter to slam the actor for what he calls his outrageous assertions. The former editor of a British newspaper who then became a commentator in the United States ranted on Twitter that LaBeouf was pathetic. Morgan is questioning the validity of LaBeouf’s claims and during his rant on Twitter he said that this actually demeans the real victims of rape and sexual assault.

In an interview that went public on Friday, LaBeouf tells an interviewer with Dazed and Confused that during his exhibition of #IAMSORRY at the beginning of the year a woman walked into the gallery where it was taking place and sexually assaulted him. At the time of the attack, LaBeouf’s girlfriend Mia Goth was standing in line outside waiting to see him. As part of his exhibit, the actor spent five days in silence at the gallery, where he lived out of a sleeping bag. LaBeouf apparently continued his silence as part of the exhibit even after the alleged rape occurred, even when his girlfriend made it in to see him. At that point the two sat in what he called an awkward, uncomfortable silence that was also especially painful after what had just taken place.

One of the reasons that Morgan is slamming LaBeouf for his claim of rape, is that he feels that since LaBeouf allegedly did nothing and continued to sit in silence after the rape it is an indication that a sexual assault did not occur. In his estimation by not attempting to stop the woman or by not speaking up immediately following the attack, it raises people’s doubts as to whether the story is fabricated or not. On Twitter, Morgan tells LaBeouf that he needs to grow up. He even goes so far as to call the actor a little man.

There was a mixed reaction to the TV personality’s rant on Twitter. With many individuals defending LaBeouf and responding to Morgan with questions such as what if the rape actually happened. Another Twitter user pointed out that just because the victim is a man does not make the offense any less of a rape or nonconsensual. While other Twitter users appeared to agree with Morgan and his assessment of what took place. One user responded to Morgan that LaBeouf allowed the woman to do what she wanted to him and therefore that is not a rape.

After the responses to his rant started to come in Morgan further slammed LaBeouf’s rape claim by saying that this was a PR stunt which he considered to be shameful. Morgan’s response to the many tweets he received defending the actor was that he felt the world had gone mad. He continued along those lines by saying that the rape was entirely made up in an effort to garner attention. Morgan wants LaBeouf to apologize for accusing anyone of raping him and tells the individuals defending him that they should feel ashamed of themselves.

By Kimberley Spinney


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