Pitch Perfect 2 Aca-Awesome Trailer Released

Pitch Perfect 2

A Pitch Perfect 2 aca-awesome trailer has just been released. Those who loved the acapella sing-off movie the first time are certain to love it the second time. It was just days ago that the first poster was released, getting people ready.

The sequel to the hot musical movie has certainly taken a step up. This is no college sing-off, but an international one, and it looks like the Bellas have little chance of winning. When would they? The first movie was all about the underdogs showing just what they could do when taking a different direction.

Compared to many of the other movie trailers out there, it is easy to miss this one. After all, Pitch Perfect 2 certainly does not pack the punch that movies like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Interstellar do. However, there is still something about it that draws people in. It could be the music, but it could also be the fact that it focuses on friendships and normal events—it is not every day that people face meteors hitting the Earth or a dystopian future.

There is also an element of underdog story for the Americans, a story that even those in Britain can empathize with. The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer makes it clear that the Americans have never won the World Championships because “everyone hates them.” For those in Britain, there is a similar feeling every year for Eurovision. Britain do not win because the rest of the European countries vote politically. As for the Americans, well, there is a case of the world seemingly against everything the superpower does.

The Pitch Perfect 2 aca-awesome trailer has been released just in time for people to get excited about it. Many of the other blockbusters have now been released, so people are in the movie theaters already. It gives them something to look forward to in the summer, which it is set to be released.

Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow reprise their roles as Beca and Chloe in Pitch Perfect 2. Rebel Wilson is also back at Fat Amy, and she has certainly not changed much from the first episode. She wants to have fun, and is not going to let her size stop her from doing anything. At one point, she even skates down the stairs on her board to show that she is part of the group. Skylar Astin is also seen in the trailer, seemingly there with his own acapella band to fight for the championship title.

There are a few new faces to the group, too. The main one in the trailer is Hailee Steinfield’s character Emily, who will be like the group’s little sister. That does not stop them from encouraging her to go through “hazing,” which is nothing like traditional frat movies will have anyone believe.

The movie has been directed by Elizabeth Banks, who also stars. It is her first time directing, but she has enjoyed it. It seems like it could be the perfect movie for her to make her debut considering how popular the first one. The just released aca-amazing Pitch Perfect 2 trailer now has fans excited for May to roll around.

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