PlayStation 4 Takes Gaming to Next Level

Playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 has been in the hands of consumers for a year now, and lifelong gamers are voicing their opinion on the revamped game console. From the sleek outer chassis available in black and white to the smaller game controller, the PlayStation 4 is taking gaming to its next level. Engadget asked its users for their opinion of the new generation console and their responses were varied.

Most admired the design saying it “fits well into standard entertainment centers.” The graphics received favorable reviews for being “clear and detailed” and “smooth at any resolution.” The major complaint revolved around the lack of games specifically for the PlayStation 4. One user commented that there were “not enough A-list games,” specifically “more cooperative 2-player games.” Despite the poor game selections, overall, users were satisfied with their purchases with one saying he hasn’t “regretted my choice for a second.” With the release of some popular titles just in time for Christmas shopping, the Playstation 4 gaming may just outdo its first year.

Since its release in 2013, PlayStation 4 shipments have topped 13.5 million sold so far. The ability to purchase exclusive games available only on Sony’s device has churned up alot of publicity from gamers. Bloodborne, is a much-anticipated role-playing game (RPG) set to release in 2015. Fans will have to wait an additional month to try out the new game after feedback from initial beta tests warranted more tinkering.

In a conversation with IGN, Shawn Layden, Sony President and CEO, said that the PlayStation 4 “has grown faster, further” and is “leading that entire charge in next-generation” game platforms. He referenced the stunning success of the PS2 and how few expected the PS4 to surpass it. Layden admonished critics who had cited the “death of console” and the end of virtual gaming. According to recent numbers, Layden said the PS4 is performing better than any other gaming console in all time. Though taking it to the next level for many players, Layden said the PlayStation 4 gamer’s ideal gaming experience is still “on your sofa in front of your big screen.”

Recent lists of the best PlayStation 4 games featured options for die-hards and younger members of the family. Of course, the newly released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (COD) made its appearance on most top games lists. With an ever-expanding cult following, COD is a first person shooter game for mature audiences. Whether playing online with multiple players around the world or engaging in the game’s story mode, COD is a great selection for the older, experienced gamers.

For the latest zombie apocalypse thriller, The Last of Us: Remastered is not for those who scare easily. With award-winning storytelling, The Last of Us is one of 2013’s best interactive gaming experiences. Not to forget the little ones in the family, the lists also included Little Big Planet 3, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Minecraft, and Flower, game offerings that anyone can play with fun puzzles, interactive missions, and colorful graphics.

Other games topping the lists of the best games for mature audiences include Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Despite the growth in mobile gaming technologies, hard-core gamers still rely on immersing themselves in gaming consoles like the PS4. The ability to purchase games online hasn’t changed the trend of buying physical copies. With additional games set to debut in 2015, Sony continues to take its PlayStation 4 gaming community to the next level.

By Didi Anofienem


Austin Daily Herald
Photo By: David C – Flickr License