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A celebration commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Sony’s video game console the Playstation brand will be followed by the company’s up coming event called the Playstation Experience. Gamers first got their taste of the newly formed computer entertainment company’s video game console after its release in Japan in the winter of 1994. The Sony brand has since established a historically vast following of gamers through its twenty years of business in the video games market. This December also marks the one year anniversary of the latest model in the Sony franchise, the Playstation 4.

Having entered in an agreement with the Nintendo Company the Playstation brought countless major video games titles previously only available on the Nintendo video game console. Titles such as The Final Fantasy series and would sky-rocket the popularity of the Playstation among fans of both companies. This secured Sony a spot as a major video game console manufacturer which would ultimately lead to the celebration of twenty years of successful business experience. Over 72 developers will be attending and presenting their contribution to Sony bring the experience to fans first hand.

Nostalgic fans can look forward to experiencing what Playstation has in store for the up coming year at this December’s company event. A two-day event in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, the venue is a 4,000 square foot arena stock piled with various platforms hosting a slew of the industry’s top developers. Gamers will get exclusive first-hand look into adventure games industry leader Tell Tale Games the producer of popular titles such as The Walking Dead and soon to be Game of Thrones the video game. Tale Tell video games are known for their user interaction system in which users experience many outcomes through choices that the gamer makes. Tell Tales staff will be present for questions and discuss the future venture the company and further involvement with the Sony Corporation.

Playstation industry veterans will have a panel dedicated to presenting how to become a video game designer. Many of the attending developers will be debuting their upcoming titles through never seen before trailers at their panels. Appearances of game soundtrack producers will bring their musical insight in regards to the 2015 game titles. Fans that have been long awaiting to experience the game title releases such as that Mortal Kombat X or Activision’s Destiny’s expansion pack will get a chance to listen in on exclusive features and bonus material.

Most importantly this up coming event will bring fans the playing experience through demos at the Playstation event, showing off the latest features of their up coming games on the PS4. The PS4 game console is described to be a system that focuses on the player. Game designer have worked closely with Sony newest console to unlock and provide the most immerse of game play to user. The interface is designed on a high graphic processor equipped with 8 gigs of memory which bring users fluid content experience and playing capabilities. New features allow faster and easier connectivity via the innovative share button found on the PS4 dual shock controls. Gamers can enjoy being able to broadcast game play in real-time or join other players online with easy. Playstation Experience will have full coverage and broadcast through multiple media streams. Further announcement will be made as the date draws nearer on the Official Playstation experience blog.

by Ernesto Perez

Photo by Wesley Lelleveld – Flickr License 



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