Robert Pattinson Has Strange New Hairstyle


Robert Pattinson has a strange new hairstyle. It is something that everyone in Hollywood and places even farther beyond apparently are talking about because it is so odd-looking. It is so bizarre on the back of his head that it is causing everyone who sees it to scratch their own. The fact that he has gotten such a new kind of hairdo has caused almost as much chatter as the last time he was spotted around town with Kristin Stewart.

It was just this past Thursday that the Twilight actor, age 28, was seen at a yearly gala in Beverly Hill. If someone there happened to be approaching Pattinson from the front, everything looked fine and he seems his usual handsome self. It was when people caught a glimpse of him from the back, that was when they began to stop and stare and it had nothing to do with being star-struck.

For anyone who has seen Robert’s famous, or is that infamous haircut, they need to be assured that no, they have not been just been seeing things. Pattinson’s hair is completely been shaved off all across the back part of his hair, except for one odd, strange rectangle piece that was, for some unknown reason, left straight in the middle of the otherwise completely bare backside of his head.

There have been lots are Twitter opinions released about it and the majority are not happy about what he has done. Most individuals have stated they are “speechless” in their tweets yet that is far from what they are doing as they rant on in their anger toward Robert “destroying his gorgeous hair.”

Others stated that Pattinson’s hair was nothing but a total disaster and made him look like a joke. There were all kinds of snide remarks about the unshaved patch in the back and “how stupid it looked on him”. Another tweet was a bit kinder and just said that the person “was shocked by RPatz’s hairstyle.” Some in the business are wondering if Pattinson is trying to play some kind of joke on everybody with his band new look, while others believe it is nothing but a stunt to get him back in the eyes of the public. That appears to be working.

People also wonder what Robert’s new lady, FKA twigs, is thinking of her man’s brand new do. It certainly has confused a lot of people, though just as many others have stated they could not care less. There has not been any word is the cut is for a movie roll but honestly that is doubtful. More than likely he just got into the groove when he last saw his stylist and she went with it. He has to be given major kudos for attempting such a haircut with such Hollywood grace. No one may ever know for sure what caused Robert to go after such a look but he has definitely gotten attention for it and that is one thing everyone can be sure he was looking for.

By Kimberly Ruble


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Photo by Gage Skidmore  –  Flickr License

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