‘Saturday Night Live’ Woody Harrelson: Hunger Games and Kendrick Lamar in Contacts



As anyone knows who watches Saturday Night Live, the guest makes the show, and this week’s was Woody Harrelson along with the support of his Hunger Games pals, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, who came out during his monologue and the musical “act” was Kendrick Lamar, the first time in all black creepy looking contacts. Harrelson did his bit, pointing out that it has been nearly 25 years since the last time he hosted the show. He then accompanied himself on guitar and sang a little about 1989.

Josh and Liam came out and they talked about Albert Einstein inventing wifi in ’89 and then Lawrence came out to Woody’s great excitement, the gag was he decided she was Taylor Swift. The four stars had almost as much fun as the audience while they finished the open and Harrelson admitted that he did a lot of “herb” before coming to the show. SNL then segwayed into an NBC spoof on audience feedback for a comedy show called The Dudleys. The joke was that the network made every single change insisted upon by the viewing audience only to change it back because of letters written mainly by Chris Voss complaining.

Next up on Saturday Night Live was MTV spoof Match’d. Woody played the host and after introducing the girl looking for a date with one of three possibles, the “show” stars being overtly sexual and the girl, according to Woody is 18 years old and his daughter. The three men immediately begin reeling back their over the top sexual advances. All three of the contestants then compete to see just how much they can kiss Harrelson’s backside to keep out of trouble.

The remainder of the skits on Saturday Night Live, with Woody Harrelson as host, were all fairly funny, even the news update section contained a good amount of very funny material. A missed opportunity by SNL was the lack of Hunger Games stars after their cameo appearance at the beginning of the show. Kendrick Lamar performed his first number in the show wearing what appeared to be all black contacts that covered his entire eyeball. Tres creepy although the song was pure Lamar.

The Saturday Night Live crew made the most out of Woody being there. He took part in a football sketch about new rules to keep from hurting players when tackling them. One highlight was a bar sketch where the regulars were talking about all the things they miss in New York. Hot dogs, Pizza, etc and at regular intervals Woody’s character complains about the “lack of crack.”

Harrelson obviously enjoyed his time on the show and during the news update scenes his time on Saturday Night Live‘s weekend news show, with “Matthew McConaughey” kept the Hunger Games star very amused throughout the entire sketch. The best bit of the whole show though had to be the last bar skit on the episode.

Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson appeared with Woody. Kate and Harrelson play the last two customers in the bar who have yet to “make their move” before the place closes for the night. Kenan’s bartender manages to convey disgust with a brilliant combination of looks and stance while the two start a fumbling make-out session at the bar. The part where McKinnon borrows some Saran Wrap, aka cling film, for a “safe” kissing condom was truly hysterical.

Saturday Night Live ended with Woody Harrelson who came back with his Hunger Game stars, Lawrence, Hutcherson and Hemsworth who showed up for hugs after Kendrick Lamar finished his second number, but this time he did so sans creepy contacts. It may have taken Woody 25 years to come back but he proved that comedy was where he got his start and he rocked throughout the evening. Quite possibly the best host this fall on the show.

By Michael Smith