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Scorpion: Father’s Day Skeletons in the Closet



On the latest episode of Scorpion: Father’s Day, a lot of skeletons are discovered in the closet of at least three main characters. Paige reveals, inadvertently, that Ralph’s father walked out on him and his mother and now wants back in. Walter shows that he still harbors resentment at how Cabe Gallo “betrayed” him with the tracking software he developed for aid work that was instead used to bomb Iraqis. Happy tells Paige about how her father left one night never to return and how she spent years gazing out of foster home windows looking for a “red truck with a dented fender.”

This show about dysfunctional geniuses who are trying to work together as colleagues and, if O’Brien has anything to do with it, family is getting better. Scorpion is growing in popularity and not just with the network who ordered more episodes just recently. According to viewing figures, that the industry live and die by, the series is “leveling out.” This could be for a number of reasons, but most likely it is the combination of clever writing and great delivery by the actors involved.

Robert Patrick, is by definition, the old head in Scorpion. This actor could read off the ingredients from a soup can and make them sound any way he wants: Threatening, comforting, aggressive, authoritative…in other words, this man is an actor who has range and always has done. As the T-1000 Patrick became a cultural icon, before and after that, an actor of note who sells whatever part he is in. On a sidenote: Would the makers of Scorpion please stop what they are doing to make the actor look younger? In Father’s Day the skeletons in closets were overshadowed by the creepy way that “younger Patrick” appears in the flashback scenes. Just saying….

All of the cast are “growing into their characters.” Toby is becoming a firm favorite, with his straw porkpie style hat and “innocent” expression as he either states what to him are home truths or psychological diagnoses that no one wants to hear. Paige, as the mother of a young genius that the group have adopted as their own, continues to grow and show vulnerability in equal measure. As the other “normal” in the show (The female mother figure to Cabe’s father figure?) the former waitress is on an arc that makes perfect sense. She is the mom who is rising to the challenge of not only helping her gifted son but learning to understand him. Well done to the show’s writers and Katharine McPhee.

What the show’s makers have gotten right, is the balance between the geniuses and the “normals.” Most importantly, the interaction of Gallo and O’Brien fits like a worn, comfy glove. The two actors have the chemistry of two people who have known one another for years and it works well. Kudos also to Jadyn Wong who plays Happy Quinn, this actress makes the young woman with anger management issues likeable despite her problems. One thing that Wong has perfected, is the ability to switch almost instantaneously from annoyed, or bored, to amused, or interested. Scorpion this week showed that even the skeleton in Happy’s Father’s Day closet was worth looking for.

By Michael Smith