Sleepy Hollow: Katrina Pregnant and Ichabod is Jealous



For those viewers who have no real love of spiders, or worse a phobia, the scenes from last week’s epilogue and repeated in this week’s teaser will cause many to have nightmares, but Sleepy Hollow: Deliverance is not about creepy crawlies but Katrina turning up pregnant and Ichabod is, understandably, jealous and not a little upset. This season has had the underlying theme of there being a rift developing between Mr. and Mrs. Crane. One that first cropped up in the Sleepy Hollow episode of The Weeping Lady which revealed that Katrina was keeping secrets from her love about more than just having a son, aka Henry Parish.

Henry, aka Jeremy Crane, aka War, has set his mother up to be the “vessel” with which to bring Moloch into the world. Using the not-so itsy-bitsy spider to deliver the demon seed to Katrina via her mouth as she slept was not only fairly unpleasant to think about but was hard to watch as well. Seeing the black eight legged arachnid marching resolutely up the covers toward Ichabod’s wife’s face was a goosebump inducing event. It would be interesting to learn how many viewers either gagged in sympathetic reflex when the CG spider darted between the woman’s lips or instantly covered their eyes or rushed from the room.

One thing can be certain, a good many must have felt that creepy “there is something crawling on me” sensation which makes one immediately start inspecting the body and brushing the back of the neck and hair almost compulsively. Forgetting about the poisonous swallowed spider for a moment, which is hard for those who truly have a thing about creatures with eight digits, Sleepy Hollow is not about the spider but about Katrina being pregnant and the fact that not only is Ichabod suspicious that the headless horseman may be responsible, but he is jealous as well.

It does not help that Crane has no idea of what is going on in Purgatory with his wife and the first horseman. When she reveals that Abraham talks to her, Ichabod is honestly confused and not a little perturbed that a headless horseman can talk. Once he gets past that little obstacle, Crane questions just what they would have to converse about. Somewhat understandably, Katrina’s husband thinks that Abraham is the culprit responsible for her pregnancy and is not a very happy chappy until he learns that son Jeremy as Henry Parish has much to do with his wife’s, and Henry’s mother’s, upcoming birth.

Katrina believes that Jeremy could still retain enough of his humanity that he might save her, even though the Sleepy Hollow villain is the one who impregnated her with Moloch’s demon seed via the spider. Ichabod agrees with his wife and decides to approach Parish to save Katrina from bringing Moloch into the world. Crane senior talks to Crane junior and the end result is that Parish refuses to help and his father learns that some of the frightened little boy remains in Henry.

Sleepy Hollow ends with the, no longer jealous, Ichabod trying to reverse the pregnant Katrina’s condition to keep Moloch from coming into the world and killing Mrs. Crane in the process. Before the end credits roll, the new Sheriff actually seems to accept Crane and it looks like Katrina will be allowed to stay out of Purgatory, but it does look like Henry is up to something else quite nasty, something electrical… Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays on FOX.

By Michael Smith