Soap Star Corey Sligh Hit by Car

Soap Opera star and model, Corey Sligh was not only beaten but also hit by a car on Thanksgiving Day. At the time of the incident the actor was trying to deliver a holiday meal to a friend when he and his girlfriend, Alisa Berhorst made a stop and were entering a Los Angeles Rite-Aid. In the parking lot of the pharmacy they saw two men in a car speeding as well as doing donuts. When Sligh told the men to slow down they proceeded to hit him with their vehicle and then exited the vehicle to then physically assault him.

The 27-year-old Sligh has played both a waiter and a bartender on the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Berhorst who is also an actress witnessed the entire altercation. She said that the men in question nearly hit other people while recklessly driving in the parking lot. When the couple witnessed this reckless endangerment, that was when they decided to speak up. Berhorst said that Sligh spoke to the men in question and asked them to slow down and be careful or they would have to call the police.

The driver of the car, who was allegedly drunk at the time of the altercation then proceeded to hit Sligh with his vehicle after exchanging words with the couple. The men then exited the car and proceeded to beat him up further while he lay on the ground after taking the hit by the car. After the assault, the suspects got back into their vehicle and fled from the scene but apparently crashed their car not far from where the assault took place.

After the soap opera star was hit by the car and assaulted, Sligh was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was treated after the attack. He suffered a broken arm in the assault and did have to undergo surgery but is said to be recovering from the vicious assault. His girlfriend has been by his side in the hospital since the attack as he has undergone treatment for a number of injuries as well as the surgery for his broken arm.

A witness to not only the assault but also of the exchange between the couple and the men in the vehicle, followed the suspects after they left the parking lot and helped the police in locating and apprehending them. The suspects in the attack have since been arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department. One of the suspects is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The other suspect is currently being charged with felony assault.

Soap star Sligh and his girlfriend are both relieved that the men who hit him with their car have been arrested. Berhorst says that she is just glad that Sligh is not only alive but also doing well considering. At the time of the attack she says she was not sure that the men would stop beating on him and for her the scene is not only a scary one but also still fresh in her mind.

By Kimberley Spinney

The Hollywood Reporter
The Daily Mail
CBS Los Angeles

Photo By Javazetti – Flickr License

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