Steve Harvey Shares Success Principles From Dr. Myles Munroe [Video]

Steve Harvey Shares Success Principles From Leadership Guru Dr. Myles Munroe

Long before Steve Harvey wrote Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success: Discovering Your Gift and the Way to Life’s Riches, Dr. Myles Munroe had traveled the world teaching these principles. Munroe has written numerous books on potential, purpose, leadership and success. Although he functioned in a pastoral role, this universal business coach has been teaching leadership principles for more than 30 years.

Like Munroe, Harvey is often heard saying, “A person’s career is what they pay for but their gift is what they were made for.” This was the foundational teaching of Munroe down through the years. This confirms the theory that principles do not die, they multiply. Principles work in any generation because they are timeless. Many of today’s youth may have never heard the principles Munroe shared but they still have the opportunity to benefit from the lessons through another vessel, Steve Harvey.

Munroe explained success as the completion and successful fulfillment of the original purpose or intent for one’s existence. Simply stated, success is when a person discovers their purpose and then fulfills it before they die. The spiritual leader said, success is never measured by what a person has done as compared to others; it is only measured by what a person has done in relation to their purpose or their reason for being.

This worldwide leadership coach taught for years that every human being is born with an inherent gift which is their contribution to humanity. Whatever a person is gifted with is the area they are called to serve their generation. The tragedy is most people never find that gift and even those who are fortunate enough to do so often die without ever releasing it. This purpose motivator empowered his generation by telling them that no one ever came to earth empty, instead they were born equipped with a contribution that should be deposited before they leave. Your value in life is determined by the problems you solve through your gift.

The teaching preacher understood that God designed the world so that everything functions on the axis of principles. Principles are eternal laws established for the function of creation. According to Munroe, this is why principles are so vital, they make life predictable. If you obey those laws or align yourself with them, you are guaranteed success; however, if you violate these laws, you produce malfunction or what is known as failure.

Munroe said he learned this truth at the young age of 14 while living in the poorest part of his homeland. After reading First Chronicles 22:13, a section in the Bible, he discovered that success had everything to do with principles and less to do with race, disposition or education. Harvey shares this same principle, he says it a little differently and often with a comedic flair but is quick to say his success has nothing to do with education. The comedian is not shy about exposing he has no degree and did not do well in school but found success by learning how to maximize his gifts and flow in his calling.

This phenomenal gift to the world of leadership said he discovered long ago that the Bible is not really a book of religion; instead it is a divine manual which was written by humanity’s manufacturer. Munroe said, “It is the manual for a successful life.” Born into an extremely poor family, this preacher of success credits this manual for taking him from a two-bedroom shack with his parents and 10 siblings, sleeping on the floor among rats and cockroaches to a level of success that many have access to but will never know.

Steve Harvey shares powerful principles in his book, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success: Discovering Your Gift and the Way to Life’s Riches. These principles, however, are not new. Before his passing, Dr. Myles Munroe traveled the globe for more than 30 years teaching these laws of success. He has written 69 books and numerous articles on transitioning from potential to purpose and on to a life of success.

Opinion by: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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