Supernatural 200th Episode: Fan Fiction [Recap/Review]


The 200th episode is a major milestone for any episode, and Supernatural did it in style with Fan Fiction. Rather than focus on a episode that was full of shocks and twists, it really was a “love letter to the fans” as Jeremy Carver hinted at San Diego ComiCon. Director Philip Sgricca and writer Robbie Thompson took it back to the original storyline of two brothers on the road fighting demons. It was an episode that could be watched whenever, without worrying about the overall Heaven/Hell story arc.

The episode kicked off with the high school performance. A young woman is attacked by a ghost on a stage and the Winchesters save the day. That is two girls in wigs pretending to be the Dean and Sam fans have come to know and love. Just as the drama teacher decides the actors are not giving it their all and the show needs cancelled, a tree monster outside attacks her.

Straight after a run of title many Supernatural credits, Dean is finally on the screen and where he belongs: fixing his baby. Of course, he has found a hunt but Sam is not certain about it. Dean makes it clear that hunting is normal for him, and he needs to get on with it. He probably wishes that he never pushed Sam for the hunt once he realizes what he is walking into.

The 200th episode of Supernatural, Fan Fiction, gives the fans a story of “The Road So Far,” by going through Yellow-Eyes, bringing Bobby back and having Castiel appear. Of course, all of this is through the actors, but at least the names and costumes are there.

It is soon time to for the brothers to get on with their case, and find out more about Ms. Chandler. However, Dean struggles to get past the idea of Supernatural the Musical. It makes it even worse for them when they realize that there is more subtext in the meanings. Of course, the musical is more of a fan fiction, and the fans do like their strange fetishes.

The musical can only go up to Swan Song when it comes to sticking to the “books.” Chuck’s death has led to five seasons of just fan fiction, and they do not like the sound of what really happened to the brothers. When Dean tells Marie, she just views it as “terrible fan fiction.” The brothers are almost ready to move on, believing there is nothing supernatural happening, when the girl playing Sam quits and is taken by the tree monster. The boys are back and need to explain who they really are, which nobody believes.

It turns out the demon is Calliope, who is really a God. She takes the form of characters in plays and books, and will go through the cast until caught out. Then she will go after the author. The show must go on if they want to call Calliope out and kill her.

To top off the episode, Dean gets his amulet back to remember his love for his brother. It is something that fans have missed for many seasons now, and must play an important role later on. In the final moments of Supernatural’s 200th episode, Fan Fiction, Chuck also makes an appearance back from the dead! What do the writers have planned for the rest of season 10?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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