The Hunger Games Being Turned Into Stage Show

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The biggest news to hit the Internet across the pond in the United Kingdom is that The Hunger Games is being turned into a stage show. According to the BBC the show will be ready to “tread the boards” in 2016. It has been reported that the blockbuster film is being adapted for a live show and that a purpose built theatre is being built in the nation’s capital, London for those who are geographically challenged, right beside Wembley Stadium.

The show is said to be produced by that award collecting producer of Broadway hits, Robin de Levita whose name is also connected with quite a number of off-Broadway shows. Levita put on Footloose, Victor/Victoria, The Music Man, and the list goes on. Robin was the main instigator behind the Dutch theatrical production about Anne Frank, Soldier of Orange. The producer has been quoted as saying that the stage is a perfect medium for Suzanne Collins’ multifaceted books and that her works have “resonated” with audiences the world over.

Lionsgate, the production company that drives The Hunger Game franchise have enthusiastically supported de Levita with his plans to turn the stories into a stage show. Tim Palen, who is Chief Marketing Officer for Lionsgate, has stated that Robin and his team are a perfect fit for bringing the Katniss Everdeen experience to live theatre audiences. Referring to the Dutch television and theatre producer as a “creative Genius” Palen went on to say that de Levita’s use of top notch production values and cutting edge technology would provide an unforgettable live and immersive theatrical experience to fans of the franchise throughout the world.

English performing arts promoter Harvey Goldsmith is said to be joining de Levita along with Warren Adams, Brandon Victor Dixon, Robert Harris and Gary Ricci to bring the show to London the summer of 2016. To date there is no news regarding casting and there has been no word about just how the show will be adapted for live theatre. There has not been any word from Suzanne Collins about how she views adapting the show for the stage.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 hits cinemas November 21, 2014 and the last in the series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is set for a November 20, 2015 release. The latest trailer for the next segment in the saga of Katniss Everdeen and her fight against President Snow has been released in the runup to the premiere in just two weeks time. In the clip, Everdeen threatens the leader openly. The head of the revolution states angrily that if “we burn” the leader will burn “with us.”

Suzanne Collins’ follows the trials of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence in the role that made her a household name) as she leaves her life behind as provider for her mother and sister to play in the Hunger Games. The books are about a dystopian world where President Snow and the ruling class demand that that provinces sacrifice their children in games where the youngsters must kill each other. There have been three films thus far and the adaptations are said to have earned around $1.5 billion worldwide in ticket sales. In 2016 the story of Katniss will be turned into a stage show in London. If the production is successful, no doubt The Hunger Games will be taken “on the road.”

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