‘The Voice’: Live Top 12 Performances [Recap & Videos]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Top 12 competitors left in the season’s competition will perform, with the votes of viewers across America determining who will remain in the competition and who will be sent home. The performers will need to give it their all, and “step it up,” in the words of coach Adam Levine, in order to progress to next week’s show.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the show by saying that tonight, the outcome “is in America’s hands,” as the votes of America will become even more important. “America, the decision is yours!” Daly added.

“Tomorrow night, two competitors will be going home,” Carson said. They will be singing original songs written just for The Voice next week.

Team Pharrell’s Sugar Joans opened up The Voice, singing the R&B song Take Me to the River. “God colored outside the lines when He made her,” Pharrell said.

Sugar did great, getting the audience into it and clapping throughout the song. The version was entirely her own, but rocked out!

Gwen said “I’ve been thinking about you all week because that last performance was so fantastic. It was incredible, but it seemed retro, right now. It was incredible!”

Adam said “You have this one gear, 12th gear, but it was awesome.”

Blake said “I always look forward to your performances. I was kept on the edge of my seat.’

Pharrell told her “I’m so proud of you, man. You keep coming out and showing new terrain.”

The Voice went to the first commercial break of the evening, but when it returned, Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill perormed. He sang the Duran Duran song, Ordinary World. Ryan had been in the bottom three, and he said “it fueled my fire.” He does not want to be in the bottom three again.

Ryan sang the crap out of this iconic Duran Duran song. He filled it with a lot of emotion, and the audience swayed their arms back and forth while he sang, cheering and applauding as he finished.

Adam said “First of all, such a cool song! Amazing song choice for you. You’re such an amazing singer; your voice is so perfect. Literally, rock ‘n’ roll music is the direction for you.”

Pharrell said “I agree with Adam. Rock is the lane for you.”

Gwen told him “I was so excited last night! I listened to you singing that song for 15 times in my car. Thank you for being my friend.”

After more commercials, when The Voice came back, Carson talked with Katherine Heigl of State of Affairs, which premiered tonight after The Voice. Jessie Pitts of Team Blake was first up for Blake Shelton.

Blake gave Jessie the song Don’t You Worry Child. She was another person in the bottom three, though she has a remarkable voice. She said she wants to start off slow, then pick up the tempo as the song progresses.

Jessie began by playing the piano as she sang. The audience swayed their arms in the air. Jessie was AMAZING with this song! She grabbed the microphone and walked toward the audience, and they cheered as she got closer, picking up the tempo of the song. They cheered and applauded enthusiastically as she finished singing.

Gwen said “That was so good! I love that song, I love hearing the song broken down like that.”

Adam said “I really liked that song a lot. Keep exploring the big part of your voice, keep reaching for those notes.”

Blake told her “This is a person, this is an artist who works so hard. She’s been told ‘no’ so many times in her life. She’s an inventor, and that’s what I like about her. She reminds me of Miranda — she takes something and makes it her own, and that’s what I like about her.” Then, The Voice went to another break.

Back from the break on The Voice, it was time for the first person from Team Adam to sing, the TSA agent, Damien. He will be singing He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. Adam said “I’m not going to lie to you. It’s a tough song.”

“What I like about the song the most is the lyrics,” Damien said. “It’s a universal song.” He said “I’m going to listen to this song day and night until it becomes me.”

Damien was terrific singing this song, making it his own. The audience loved it, cheering and screaming throughout the song. He NAILED it, though it was definitely his own version of this classic. Adam and Pharrell were on their feet by the end of the song, and Damien got a standing ovation.

Blake said “Congratulations, dude! Great song choice — the team effort going on here, it’s solid, dude.”

Pharrell said “That performance, and that last run – was Baptist, Pentecostal, Southern church, man.’

Adam said What did I tell you?”

Damien answered “To trust you.”

Adam added “I could not in a million years be any prouder of you than I am right now.”

Returning from another commercial break, The Voice had another performer from Team Pharrell sing. DaNica Shirey will be singing the Radiohead song, Creep. “Your votes now are what matters,” host Carson Daly said.

Pharrell said “If you slow it down a bit more, we could hear your colors.” He added that the “grace notes” are important in this arrangement of the song.

DaNica did AWESOME, with a song that has been covered a lot in recent years by performers on shows like The Voice. The audience clapped along as she WAILED on it, infusing it with tons of emotion. The audience erupted in applause as she finished.

Gwen said “It’s incredible that came out of you! You look awesome — it’s just shocking, incredible.”

Adam said “You’re so good, that literally anything you sing is so amazing. Literally, any song that’s ever been written, you can sing.”

Pharrell said “You said you wanted to do a different song, so I said ‘okay.’ You were amazing.”

On The Voice after another break was Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams. “Tonight, the Top 12 will be performing, but only ten will move on,” Carson Daly said.

Taylor will be singing the Bread song, If. It is a love song, about someone who is dying. It is a really beautiful love song. Gwen said “The song will show how vulnerable he is.”

Taylor did a FANTASTIC job singing this song. He began by sitting on a stool, singing into a microphone. The audience swayed their arms in the air, as the often do with slower songs like this one, but they cheered at various points as Taylor sang. He could really hit the higher notes well!

Adam said “It was awesome to hear a song in a major key. It’s perfect for you — the purity of your voice really came through.”

Blake said “The one thing you can’t do is take Taylor away from what you do. You have kind of a dark side — good job, dude! You always sound great.”

Pharrell said “When you bring that Taylor thing to it, it’s like ‘Let’s go!'”

Gwen said “That song is so emotional and so you! I love Bread — everyone should check them out. You were so amazing!” Then, NBC’s The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

On The Voice, from Team Blake, Reagan James, 16, sang next after the break. “She’s 16 and needs to be spoiled a bit,” Blake said. He gave her the R&B song, It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over. She mentioned she likes the singer called The Creator, and Blake told her “I’ve heard of that guy.”

“With It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over, please welcome from Team Blake Reagan James!” Carson said.

Reagan did a PERFECT version of this song, getting the audience to cheer along and clap with their hands over their heads right from the start of the song.

Pharrell said “Yes! I feel you! You definitely made that song your own!”

Adam said “I love that song! I’m happy someone finally did that song! It was totally different. I’m going to be honest with you — the breathing sometimes affected the song, but all in all, it was awesome.”

Blake told her “The way that you navigate a melody just blows my mind. This was such a big performance from you tonight. You put your own stamp on everything.”

Luke Wade from Team Pharrell was the next person to sing on The Voice on NBC. The song that Pharrell gave him to sing was Thinking Out Loud. Carson messed with Blake, first, about his texting his mom and reading comments she made about every performance.

“I’m a romantic guy, so this song is perfect,” Luke said.

Carson introduced Luke Wade, and he had the audience into the song from the very start, clapping along as he sang. He has a powerful voice, and really KILLED this song! It was, so far, probably the strongest performance of the evening on The Voice.

“I came in two beats too early,” Luke admitted. But, he made up for it with the rest of the song.

Adam said “He was super nervous, but he recovered. Good on you, man!”

Gwen said “It’s happened to all of us. I like it when it happens. It makes you more human. I felt for you, but it didn’t matter, because you recovered really well.”

Pharrell said “You rose to the occasion, and America got to see just how good you are.” The Voice then went to another commercial break.

“We’re going to continue with Team Adam’s rocker, Matt McAndrew,” Carson Daly said after the break on The Voice. Adam gave him the song Take Me to Church to sing. It is a terrific song, and if Matt nails it, he will easily be voted on to next week’s show.

“This song, in your hands — the potential is explosive,” Adam told him.

Matt McAndrew has one of the best voices of all of the remaining singers. He did exactly what Adam hoped he would, NAILING this song. He played to the audience, and interacted with the musicians as he sang. The audience loved the performance, applauding wildly and cheering. Pharrell and Adam got on their feet to applaud, also.

Blake said “As much as I could tell, you were dumping everything into that song. It was awesome.”

Pharrell said “I can’t wait to hear the album you make after this show.”

Gwen said “It’s a good mixture of everything you do well. I can’t wait to hear your album.”

Adam said “When you did that ‘Amen’ run, it was so beautiful. That’s a guy that wins this show, right there.” Matt could, as Adam suggested, win the whole thing, if he keeps up singing great performances like he did tonight and last week.

Back on The Voice, Carson introduced Craig Wayne Boyd, doing a “softer” song tonight. “I’m going to continue tonight giving America my heart,” Boyd said. Blake gave him the George Strait song, You Look So Good in Love, to sing.

“If Craig is able to get up here and have faith in his voice, he’ll definitely move into the Top Ten,” Blake said.

Craig Wayne Boyd began the song extremely well, and had the females in the audience screaming for him almost from the start. He definitely did the song justice, bringing out his Inner George Strait. He KICKED BUTT on this song!

Gwen said “I feel like that lyric in the song is for me. It was so good! You are such a professional; good job!”

Adam said “This is exactly what you needed to do! This was a telling moment for you. I’m super proud for both of you guys. It was really special.’

Pharrell said “It was such a clean, clean, super professional performance.’

Blake said “It’s one thing to have one break-out moment in this show, but to have two? And you just did — that’s the mark of a star. Congratulations!” The Voice then went to even more commercials…blah.

Carson said there will be “two more artists to perform.” He explained the various voting methods, and then Team Adam’s Chris Jamison was next to sing on The Voice. He will be singing Jealous by Nick Jonas. “This could definitely be Chris’s break-out moment,” Adam said.

Adam advised Chris to wear a tux as he sang, “Because it’s so wrong,” he said. “Be humble up there,” Adam added.

Chris had the audience clapping along from the very start as he sang this cool song. He played to the audience as he performed, and had the women screaming and cheering for him. The song showcased his ability to hit the high notes toward the end. The audience applauded wildly.

“Congratulations!” Pharrell said. “That is 100 percent your best performance so far.”

Gwen said “It seems like that was your song — it was perfect for you, and I’m really happy for you. the screaming was so loud, I think I have permanent damage to my ears.’

Adam said “Yeah, you’re cute, but — you are a talented, talented singer. Ladies and gentlemen of the world, I give you Chris Jamison!” The audience again applauded madly.

From Team Gwen, Anita Antoinette closed out The Voice, singing the Bob Marley classic, Redemption Song. “You’re kind of preaching, in a way,” Gwen said. “It would be really cute if you lookded like a straight-up Kingston girl,” she added.

Carson then introduced Anita. She has a beautiful, soaring voice. The audience swayed their arms in the air as she sang. They cheered during various moments as Anita sang. It is a fantastic song, an she did a fantastic job of singing it. The audience applauded enthusiastically as she finished.

Adam said “I’m so proud of you, Anita! Tessanne Chin did that song not so long ago. You did really good tonight, Anita.”

Blake said “There’s something about your voice that’ so calm and soothing — in other words, great job!”

Gwen said “It was authentic and true — I just feel so blessed to be a part of it.”

Anita Antoinette’s version of Redemption Song was a great way to close out The Voice. Only ten of these 12 performers will get to move on, and the results will be based on the votes of viewers across America. Tomorrow night, we will learn who the Top Ten performers are who will be moving on to next week on The Voice. Be sure to tune in and find out who gets to move on, and which two will be sent home!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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