‘The Voice’: Playoffs Night Two [Recap & Video]

The Voice

It is Playoffs Night 2 on The Voice after a show filled with suspense and great singing last night. On Playoffs Night One, Team Blake and Team Adam took the stage and rocked the place out. Results from last night will be revealed tomorrow night, based on the votes that America cast. The Top 12 will move on. Also, Team Gwen and Team Pharrell will take the stage to sing their hearts and souls out, and the votes of America will determine who will be staying on their teams and who will be going home.

Pharrell Williams got The Voice off to as terrific start by singing his latest song, Hunter, that he talked about yesterday. He said it was written from the female’s perspective. It was a pretty cool song, and he got the audience pumped up for the rest of the show to follow. Everyone cheered and applauded as he finished singing.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the show by recapping last night’s episode and introducing the coaches. Then, he introduced Ryan Sill from Team Gwen, the first singer of the evening on The Voice.

Ryan will be singing I Live. Gwen said that the song was “a celebration of life.” Gwen said that his “singing is effortless, but his body movements are awkward.” She thought he would get over that, though, for the actual performance.

Ryan sang really well on The Voice, and the females in the audience cheered and screamed as he sang. He hit some high notes, showing he has some power to his voice, also. Ryan pretty much NAILED this song! Gwen stood up to applaud him as he finished.

Adam said “That was great, dude! You were always one of my favorites. Your pitch is amazing! Your confidence is high — yes, sir.’

Blake said “That was truly incredible. Good job, dude!”

Pharrell said “I remember you when you first came in. You broke out of that shell, and said ‘Yo, world, look — I’m here!'”

Gwen told him “I love your voice, and I love you.” Then, The Voice went to a commercial break.

When The Voice returned, the second competitor to take the stage and perform was Jean Kelley from Team Pharrell. She sang Piano in the Dark. Pharrell “toned” the track for her, making it more of an R&B version of the original. “There’s an actress in there; she shouldn’t hold it back,” Pharrell said.

Jean Kelley held the audience spellbound as she sang. The audience swayed their arms in the air as she sang. She definitely made the song her own, and high a couple of uber-high notes. The audience cheered and applauded as she concluded.

Gwen said “Every time you perform, it’s so dramatic — I have to sit back and take it in. It was really, really good — I got lost in the drama. You’re an incredible singer. Sometimes I didn’t believe it, that’s all. “

Adam said “You were great. I do agree that sometimes the drama was overwhelming the vocals. I don’t want sugarcoat everything all the time. I needed a little more balance.”

Pharrell said “I think America just got a nice taste of what you have going on. This is just the beginning for you, Jean.”

When The Voice came back from another break, it was time for Elyjuh RenĂ© from team Pharrell to sing. “Start singing for Elyjuh,” Pharrell told him. He gave Elyjuh the song Latch to perform. “Why don’t we do the song acoustic?”

Carson Daly introduced Elyjuh René, the next person to perform on The Voice. He did an AMAZING job with this song! The audience swayed their arms and clapped along as he sang. At one point in the song, he hit a very high note. The audience cheered and applauded wildly for him.

Gwen said “The way you can walk on the stage so smoothly and sing like that is so mind-blowing! You are so talented.”

Adam said “That was so crazy! It’s unbelievable how good that was! I can’t believe what I saw! You just became, I believe, the front-runner of one of the strongest teams we’ve got.”

Blake said “Everything they said was right. I definitely think you’re the one to beat.”

Pharrell said “I’m super proud of you! You’re good, kiddo! That voice is amazing.” The Voice then went to another commercial break.

The next singer on The Voice, after a commercial break, was Bryana Salaz from Team Gwen, singing the 5 Seconds of Summer song, Amnesia. Gwen got to met Bryana’s father, who had been battling with liver disease. “She needs to be vulnerable,” Gwen said.

Bryana KNOCKED THIS SONG OUT OF THE BALLPARK! She has such a powerful voice, and she packed a ton of emotion into the song. The audience clapped and cheered as she sang, and erupted in applause when she concluded.

Adam said “Bravo for being up there and doing such an amazing job at you age! It’s rad that you have such a perfect coach. You did a great job.”

Blake said “I actually think we saw her get better with that performance, itself. You grew during that song.”

Pharrell said “Congrats on your performance! You have the perfect coach and you did grow with that song, itself.”

Gwen said “It was so emotional! You’re so talented — now, we just want to get to know who you are, and you showed that, tonight.”

Carson Daly said a competitor from Team Pharrell will go next on The Voice, Luke Wade, singing a Marvin Gaye song, Let’s Get it On. Luke said, before he went on, that he was “humbled by all of this.”

“It’s a whole ‘nother level. It’s gotta become second nature for you,” Pharrell told him.

Carson introduced Luke Wade, and he tackled the Marvin Gaye classic, making it his own! He touched hands with the females int he audience as he sang, working the crowd. He was freakin’ AWESOME, unleashing his Inner Marvin Gaye. The audience cheered and clapped in appreciation as he finished singing.

Gwen said “I thought it was incredible! I loved the tone of your voice. He’s amazing, right?”

Adam said “You’re amazing! Everything you do is so great, all of the time. The phrasing was entirely different. I loved it!”

Blake said “I couldn’t see for sure, but I could’ve sworn some of you in the audience actually got it on. You had fun with it, and that’s what you needed to do. You had fun with it and blew it out of the water.”

On The Voice, Carson Daly announced that the next person to sing on The Voice will be Anita Antoinette, singing All About that Bass. It should be another great performance.

Before Gwen’s Reggae artist, Anita Antoinette, sang on The Voice, she met with Gwen. Gwen told her “You need to be super-animated. Take your shoes off; be a little island girl.” Anita said “I come from Kingston, Jamaica,” and added “I can’t afford to hold back.”

Anita KILLED THIS SONG! What a great version! She added just enough of a Reggae influence to it — ah, it was just too good for mere words.

Adam said “Who are you, and what did you do with Anita? That was so great! Can I just hang out with you?”

Blake said “It’s hard to believe that you were ever someone who had stage fright. You owned that moment”

Pharrell said “You did a really, really good job, seriously.”

Gwen said “You have a really infectious personality! I just love you so much.”

Carson Daly said that another person from Team Pharrell would be next to sing on The Voice, DaNica Shirey. First, of course, there was another commercial break.

“Your voice is like a hummingbird in front of a flower,” Pharrell Williams. He gave DaNica the Joni Mitchell song Help Me to sing. Pharrell told her it was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 to sing. She rose to the occasion, though, hitting all of the high notes and OWNING this classic hit of Mitchell’s!

Gwen said “Joni Mitchell is a genius! I thought, how are you going to do it? But you did a great job!”

Adam said “You did the craziest thing eve! You turned a Joni Mitchell song into Chaka Khan!”

Blake “That was like a clinic for singers! That stuff at the end was just unbelievable!”

Pharrell told her “You’re a hummingbird, dude! It’s amazing what your voice can do!” Joni has a four disc boxed set currently available with 53 remastered songs on it, at her official site, at the last link, below.

Carson said that the final person on Team Pharrell, Sugar Joans, will be singing on The Voice after yet more commercials. Sugar will be singing I Say A Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin. Pharrell got her to reveal that she re-named herself, and her first name is actually “Sophia.” “I’m so happy to have her on my team. I think she can take it all the way to the end.”

Carson said that “Tomorrow night, we will reveal the TOP 12,” so, apparently, The Voice will be on TV this Wednesday.

Sugar Joans — how can someone sing like that, so angelically, but so powerfully? She hit some celestially high notes, taking the audience to CHURCH with this song! The audience and Pharrell, gave her a standing ovation.

Gwen said “Whoa! You just had your moment! Oh, my God! You have purple hair! Everything you are was shining up there.”

Adam said “You took the audience to church. It was the most amazing thing.”

Blake said “I’ll be the one to say it. that was the best performance of the night in my opinion; and that’s the only one that matters on this show. Your vibrato was absolutely amazing!”

Pharrell said “I felt every moment of it! You’re never going back. It’ll be so fun working with you in the future.”

The Voice went to another break. when the show came back, there were two performers left from Team Gwen to sing. The first one was Ricky Manning, singing Lay Me Down. Ricky said “There were a lot of people who didn’t believe in me as I was growing up.”

Gwen told him “You need to live with it as you sing. You need to think about your girlfriend.”

It sounded like a very difficult song to sing, but Ricky made mincemeat out of it, OWNING it, hitting some incredibly high notes. He sang with such power and emotion! All of the singers tonight have been great.

Adam said “That was so great, dude! I was led down this journey, and you made me a believer. I can see that passion; you have to be super proud with yourself.’

Blake said “You were so calm, but in control. Whatever you did, you fixed that falsetto problem.”

Pharrell said “Look at you dude; you wanted it! The way you were holding onto those notes — you deserve your position on this show.”

Gwen told him “You were so tasteful! I thought you were incredible, really, really good.”

The Voice had just one performer left after another commercial break, Taylor John Williams. Gwen gave him the song Stuck in the Middle with You to sing. He said he felt “My version was a little more swampy.”

Gwen asked him if there was anything in the song he could relate to. He said it reminded him of when he was “stuck in the middle ” of a divorce. Gwen wants to “to be animated” as he sings.

Taylor WAILED on this song, doing a great job with it. He stopped playing the guitar and walked aorund as he sang, owning the stage. He showed off his vocal skills with this classic song. Gwne gave him a standing ovation. His grandma was there to see him.

Adam told him “It didn’t seem like a song about you, but you were very assertive, and I heard a kiler blues side of you. Excellent, excellent job.”

Blake said “I know you looked at me when you said ‘Jokers to the right,’ but was it Adam you looked at when he said ‘Clowns to the left of me’?”

Gwen said “He knows exactly what he wants to do?”

Pharrell said “Who knew he had a bit of Terrence Trent Darby in his voice?”

Then, Gwen called him “a real artist.”

That marked the end of this incredible episode of The Voice. Wednesday, the show will return, for its third night this week. Then, the two competitors from each team who scored the most amount of votes will move on, and the coaches will chose a third from the rest to keep. The Top 12 competitors will get to continue on to next week.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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