‘The Voice’: Top 10 Perform Live [Recap & Video]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Top 10 remaining competitors performed live for the chance to move on to next week. The votes of viewers across America will be tabulated, and the three people who have the fewest votes will have a Sing-Off tomorrow night to determine which one gets Instantly Saved and will move on with the other seven singers.

Carson introduced the Top 10 competitors, who sang a Rascal Flatt medley to begin The Voice tonight. The three females left in the competition sang first, and they sang very well together, harmonizing perfectly. Then, the guys sang another Rascal Flatt song, and also kicked butt with their performance.

When The Voice came back from the first commercial break of the evening, Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew was the first musical artist to take the stage. Adam enlisted Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy to be his mentor, and Matt got to meet with him and get some useful advice. Adam wanted Matt to run up into the stands to sing a part of the song. Matt called the help he received “getting a Master’s course” from the two accomplished singers.

Matt McAndrew sang the Coldplay song, Fix You. It was a very atmospheric song, kind of hypnotic at the start of it. Then, Matt went down the center aisle, shaking hands, singing louder and rocking out, really getting the audience pumped up. His voice soared, and he NAILED this song!

Blake said “Matt, you’re so good! You have the drama, you have the range, you have everything — you have great stge presence. Great job, dude!”

Pharrell said “Everything you have out should be added right now to KROCK.”

Gwen said “Amazing, really great!”

Adam told him “You really can do everything. But, you do it in a way that is so humble. You are so talented. You can do anything you want, man — you did Coldplay proud tonight.”

The second performer on The Voice was from Team Gwen, the Reggae artist, Anita Antoinette. Gwen also invited a superstar coach, Christina Aguilera. “For her to come back here is really awesome!” Christina said about Anita.

Gwen gave Anita the song Let Her Go by Passenger to sing. “Once you get the melody down, it’s such a cool song!” Gwen said. “Sing it with a smile on your face,” she added. “She knows how to deliver a song.”

Anita did an AMAZING job singing this song, and the lighting was pretty cool, very colorful. The audience clapped their hands over their heads as she sang, and she walked up and touched her hand to the hands of audience members. They erupted in applause as she finished singing.

Blake said “I guess you’re having fun, huh! That’s such a cool version of that song. Congratulations!”

Pharrell said You’re out here every week growing more and more. The way to shine is just to have fun.”

Gwen told her “You really took over that song! You looked so cool with those boots on — you killed it; amazing!”

The Voice went to another commercial break. When The Voice returned, Damien from Team Adam sang You and I. Adam was the only coach to begin the evening with three competitors, but will he still have all three by the end of Tuesday’s show?

Damien seemed to enjoy meeting Patrick Stump. Adam told Damien “I’m sick of being proud of you, man,” but then he said, “No, I genuinely am proud of you, man.” The song is a “difficult one,” Adam said, but he believes Damien can handle it.

Damien sat at a piano a the start of the song, playing with one hand while holding his mic with the other one. The audience swayed their arms in the air and cheered at various points as Damien sang. He WAILED on it! The song was perfect to showcase his powerful vocal skills. The audience cheered and applauded wildly as he finished singing.

Pharrell said “I know your dad and your parents must be so happy. Your town must be losing their minds right now.”

Adam said “I felt the entire audience get on board with you on that performance.”

The Voice must be running a bit short on time, because those were the only two coaches to comment. Then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

Back on The Voice, Team Blake’s Reagan James sang the Iggy Azalea song, Fancy. Team Blake’s mentor for this stage of the competition was Colbie Caillat. She said she wanted to do a “stripped-down” version of Fancy, but with an electric guitar.

“This song requires more work than I’ve ever done with a song before,” Reagan said.

Reagan did a great job with this song, making it her own version, entirely. She went up to the audience and touched their hands as she sang. She sang her heart out with this song!

Adam said “It takes so much commitment to get to the end of that song. If you fall off or stop believing at any moment, it’s over. I think it was your best performance so far.”

On The Voice, Blake said “That was hard to do! You were doing two people’s jobs with that one performance — easily your best job so far.”

Carson said that up next on The Voice, Luke Wade from Team Pharrell will be singing Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. First, of course, there were yet more commercials.

“This week, Pharrell brought in Diana Ross,” Carson Daly said.

Luke Wade said “In my eyes, she might as well have invented music.”

Pharrell said that “Two-thirds of the song is the original composition, then there’s a surprise during the last third. I think this is going to be one of the biggest moments in his life.’

Luke Wade had the audience of The Voice hooked right from the first notes. He had the women in the audience screaming and cheering and clapping along as he sang. He KILLED THIS SONG! He got down and funky as he sang, and was uber AMAZING!

Pharrell looked happy, because it was just great! Gwen said “That was so cool — you really have learned how to work the stage. It’s really cool to watch that.”

Adam said “You’re back! You had a rough one last week. I’ve always thought of you as one of my favorites. It was an amazing marriage of styles! You really carried that torch.”

Pharrell said “You actually exceeded my expectations. All I can say is, job well done, man; job well done.”

After another break, The Voice came back with another Team Blake member, Craig Wayne Boyd. He sang the Johnny Cash classic, I Walk the Line. It will be difficult to make this song his own and shine with it, but Boyd has the talent to do that.

On The Voice, Carson Daly introduced Craig Wayne Boyd, who decided to make I Walk the Line into a ballad. Blake said “I don’t wear panties, but I was about ready to throw my panties onto the stage.”

Craig Wayne Boyd began the song, at a way different tempo than the original, slower, with violins playing in the background. Boyd has an amazing voice and got the females in the audience cheering and screaming, but this version is so different from the original, who know if it will go over with the viewers of America or not.

Pharrell and Blake gave him a standing ovation. Pharrell said “After you sang, it was so clear to us you were your own character.”

Gwen said “Every time you perform, it makes everyone see how good you are. You’re going to have a career after this, a really serious career.”

Adam said “You’re beyond good; you’re amazing!”

On The Voice, Blake said “That was magic, that was magic. I’ve had struggles, not half as many as you have — freakin’ congratulations, man.”

Next up after more commercials on The Voice was another member of Team Gwen, Ryan Sill. Gwen chose the song Starlight by Muse for him to sing, a great choice for Ryan. He was surprised to meet Christina, and seemed to think it was pretty cool that she was going to be the mentor for his team.

Ryan Sill KNOCKED THIS SONG OUT OF THE PARK! The audience members swayed their arms over their heads and clapped from the very start of the song. The song was a terrific one to showcase Ryan’s powerful vocals with. He should easily move on with a terrific performance like this one.

Adam said “Listen man, I thought that last week you did an amazing job. This was was great, too.”

Blake said “You knocked my girl out with the Twitter vote (Jessie). I think Adam’s right, you continue to figure this thing out. I think it might be your best performance yet.”

Pharrell said “I think out of everyone on the show, you are the most improved. More and more, everyone is getting to see who you really are.”

Gwen told him “You’re blossoming into this artist right before our eyes. I had to fight to get to have this song for you. I’m just so proud of you, so proud of you.”

From Team Pharrell, DaNica Shirey will be performing next, singing the Whitney Houston song, I Have Nothing. “I can’t believe that Pharrell chose Diana Ross to be the adviser! It’s so incredible!”

DaNica Shirey did a TERRIFIC job singing this iconic Whitney Houston song. She packed a lot of emotion into it, as anyone needs to, really, to do the song justice. She had the audience clapping right from the beginning as she sang. Pharrell stood up and put both thumbs up for her performance. The audience gave her a standing ovation. Clive Davis, who launched Houston’s career, was in the audience.

Gwen said “It’s so fun to watch you. You keep getting better — it’s so fun to watch.’

Adam said “With that song you’ve got the chips stacked against you. Congratulations!”

Blake said “Between what you just did and what Craig did, I think that this is the best live show I’ve ever seen so far! That was a big job and you just KILLED it!”

Pharrell said “I can’t — my mind is blown. I told you all you had to do is keep on as if your dad was watching, and you have kept on ascending and ascending since that moment.”

When The Voice came back after more commercials, from Team Gwen, Taylor John Williams sang Come Together by The Beatles. Christina said “I think you should push a little bit to find the rasp in your voice.”

Taylor John Williams had the audience really into this song, though John Lennon’s original was so ultra cool…well, he seemed to KILL the song with the audience, at any rate. They erupted in mad applause as he concluded the song.

Adam said “It’s nice to see — the beastly dude coming out, the whole thing with the headband on. Dude, I just like you coming out and moving around and being irreverent. Fantastic job, man.”

Blake said “You had a challenge, and that was trying to sing with a crowd that has the worst rhythm ever. It was so cool. You had fun tonight, looked like a ninja; it was awesome.’

Pharrell said “That was one of the craziest performances we’ve seen. There are two words for that: Rock Star.”

Gwen told him “You are not even wearing socks right now. That is so cute. If I were 16 right now, you’d be all over my locker.”

The last performer on The Voice to sing tonight is Team Adam’s pop singer, Chris Jamison. He will be singing Uptown Funk. “Uptown Funk is about to become a very big song,” Adam said. “I need to believe you are cocky as you sing,” he said.

“Chris — he’s a natural. My only advice to him is to find some attitude,” Patrick Stump said. Chris began with an impressive falsetto, and he had the audience really into the performance, clapping along as he sag, and cheering and screaming. He KILLED this song! The laser light show was pretty cool, also. Chris walked down the center aisle as he sang, showing great stage presence and exuding coolness and…funkiness. The audience applauded wildly as he concluded the song.

Blake said “I think you did a really good job. That was like a big band thing. You sang really good tongiht — it sounded great.”

Pharrell said “I though I knew the peak of what you could do last week, but you took everyone even higher this week.”

Gwen said “You have such rhythm, really good rhythm.”

Adam told him that he was great and “did something we have never seen before on the show.” Chris Jamison’s performance closed out The Voice on a high note.

The Voice tonight was a fantastic episode, showcasing the vocal talents of the Top Ten competitors to their utmost. There was one highlight after another during the episode. The votes of viewers across America will determine which three of the 10 will be at risk of going home tomorrow night, and by the end of the show, only eight will be still left in the competition. Be sure to tune in tomorrow and watch The Voice Results Show!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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