‘The Walking Dead’: Beth ‘Consumed’ by Fire? [Recap & Review]

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In The Walking Dead episode, Consumed, the details of what happened when Daryl and Carol followed the black car with the white cross in its window are finally revealed. Also, Daryl meets up with Carol in Consumed, and we will see if they were able to rescue Beth. The commercials previewing this episode do not show Beth, so many fans of the series have been thinking that she might have been killed by the the police officer, Dawn Lerner (Christine Woods) or one of her henchmen and that possibly Daryl had her body wrapped up in a sheet he burned in a preview with Carol there, telling him “Thank you.”

The Walking Dead episode, Consumed, opened up with scenes of a flashback, of Carol driving off in a station wagon when Rick exiled her from the group. When she gets to a building, she rattles a can to see if the sound attracts any walkers. When it does not, she settles down there for the night. Then, she gets back in the car and drives on, until she sees fire ahead of her. The Walking Dead went to the first commercial break of the night then.

When The Walking Dead came back from the commercial break, Daryl and Carol followed the black car and Daryl talked with Carol about Beth. “The tank’s running low,” Daryl said.

“If they’re a group, we’ll see what they can do. Then, we’ll do what we can to get her back,” Daryl said.

They followed the car to a building and Daryl said “What in the hell is he waiting for? There’s two of them. There’s that cop.”

Carol wondered if they had seen them. They both sat in a car, watching. A walker slammed on the window of their car, which was startling. Daryl and Carol kept their vigil.

“The tank’s tapped,” Daryl said, when he tried to start the car again. They headed for a place Carol knew about, a couple of blocks away. There were walkers everywhere in the city.

Inside of a building, with a flashlight, Carol and Daryl walked about, investigating. Daryl asked her if she had worked there or something. “Something,” Carol answered, noncommittal.

Walking down hallways, Carol led Daryl to a certain room. “It was temporary housing,” she said.

“You came here?”

“I didn’t stay. I’ll take the top bunk. You should sleep. I’ll take the first watch,” Carol tells him.

“So, we got to start over. Did you?”

“Why don’t you say what’s really on your mind?” Daryl asks her. “Why are you here?”

“I tried. I still don’t know,” she answered.

Armed with their weapons, walking down more hallways in the dark, they spotted a walker on the other side of a glass door.

That was apparently all a flashback, as Carol seems to barely have a chance to get any sleep, before the morning came. She is in a room of the hospital. Looking out a window, Carol sees a fire outside of the hospital. She sees Daryl carrying what looks like a body wrapped in a sheet, and placing it into the fire, and she came out and told him “Thank you.”

The Walking Dead went to another commercial break. Presumably, what comes between the two moments will be on the show following the break.

Back from the break on The Walking Dead, in an apparent flashback to show the time in-between the flashback at the start of the episode and the present, we see Carol digging a grave, and somebody headed out to meet her carrying a body in a white sheet.

Then, she and Daryl are in the city of Atlanta, in the daytime. They have to get by a pack of walkers. Daryl lights something on fire and throws it, to distract the walkers. He and Carol run to a parking area of the hospital and enter. There are walkers wrapped up in sleeping bags, on the floor, thrashing around. Carol and Daryl kill them all. One or more is/are even in a tent that someone had set up.

Then, Daryl and Carol get through a door with a lock and chain on it by squeezing through. “How did we get here?” Carol asks.

“I dunno,” Daryl responds.

“You still haven’t asked what happened when I met up with Tyreese and the girls,” she said.

Daryl told her they can both “start over.” Daryl looked out a window through his scope and told Carol he saw something, a white van or ambulance. “It’s been there a while,” Carol told him.

Daryl looked at a painting and criticized it, saying it looked like a dog wiped his a*s on it. Carol said “I kinda like it.” Daryl thinks she is joking.

Walking on, they see a man who has a gun, Noah, and he told Daryl to “Lay down your crossbow,” When Daryl did, Noah sliced open the tent and released the walkers inside. That slowed Daryl and Carol long enough that Noah made his escape.

“I don’t know if I believe in God anymore, or the Devil; but if I’m going to hell, I want to hold it off as long as I can,” she told Daryl. The Walking Dead went to yet another commercial break.

Back from break on The Walking Dead, Carol is holding a cloth to her nose, as she watches two bodies burning. Then, we see, once again, her and Daryl walking to the white van Daryl spotted from the window. “Alright; let’s get this done,” he told Carol. The enter through the rear of the van. Hordes of walkers head toward them. They now had to fight their way through a ton of walkers. They decided to get back into the van or ambulance.

“Hold on,” Daryl told her, and then the van plunged off of the bridge. Some walkers hit the roof of the van, and Daryl and Carol groggily got out, shaken up by the fall and the whole ordeal. They walked on, as The Walking Dead again went to a break.

Back on The Walking Dead, Carol told Daryl “I’m fine,”

“Prove it.”

“How bad is it?

“I’ve been worse,” Carol said. she drank water from a canteen that Daryl handed her.

“You think we’ll find out more just by watching?” Carol asked. They were three blocks away from the hospital. Out of another window, they could see the hospital and Daryl said “You said I wasn’t like how I was before.”


“How was I?” Daryl asked her.

“You were a kid. Now, you’re a man.” Carol told him.

He asked about how Carol had changed,and she told him about her past, and how her husband had abused her. She mentioned being in prison, and finding out who she really was. Hearing a banging noise, they headed down another hallway. A walker was pinned to a wall by an arrow. They heard someone approaching, who attacked Carol. Daryl killed him and they moved on.

Daryl ran into a room and knocked a bookcase on top of the man, Noah. and Daryl asked him “Why were you following us?”

The man claimed he was not following them and Daryl grabbed a carton of cigarettes the man had and said to Carol “Let him be.”

“No, no, Daryl!” Carol yelled, but it was too late. A walker got through the door and was about to attack Noah, who was still pinned down by the bookcase.

After more commercials, when The Walking Dead returned, it was to another flashback, of Carol running in a forested area. She stopped for a moment to wipe something off of her face, possibly blood, and moved on.

Back to the “present,” they went back and removed the bookcase off of Noah. He told them both he was with a “blonde girl” at the hospital, Beth.

“They’re coming!” Carol said, looking out a window. A car hit Carol, then the police got Carol and put her in the back of another van or ambulance and left.

Noah (Taylor James Williams) told Daryl, “We’ll get her back.”

“What will it take?”

“They have a lot of guns and weapons,” Noah said.

“So do we,” Daryl said.

He ran with Noah a while. Then, they smashed through the fence with a big truck. It was at that moment that The Walking Dead ended.

At the end of The Walking Dead episode, Consumed, viewers really still do not know if Daryl was carrying Beth and burned her body, though that is still a distinct possibility. Several things were left unexplained by the end of the episode, which all took place, apparently, before Daryl ever returned to Sheriff Rick Grimes and the other survivors with a mysterious person with him, likely Noah.

There were five times when Carol set fire to things in this episode of The Walking Dead, before she changed, perhaps symbolically burning away her past. Daryl set fire to things five times, afterward, also, perhaps burning away his own past.

This episode of The Walking Dead was about “starting over,” to an extent, becoming a different person. For once, the walkers were not the subject of the title — well, maybe they were, to an extent — but, the fires throughout the episode were, consuming whatever was placed in them. Was Beth one of the “things” Daryl burned? Please leave comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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