The Walking Dead Heads to Slabtown Tonight [Recap]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead tonight was called Slabtown. “Slabtown” refers to an actual district in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, presumably where Beth was taken to be by the now infamous black car with a white cross in its window. The entire episode was a Beth-centered one, until the very end. Spoiler alert: No one rescued Beth, not in this particular episode of The Walking Dead.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eugene Porter, Sergeant Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, and other members of Rick’s group are headed to Washington, D.C. But, season 5 previews of The Walking Dead showed the church bus they are in over-turning, so they will not make it very far, at least not all the way to Washington, D.C., any time soon. Dr. Eugene Porter in the comics is a fraud, a high school science teacher. It is difficult to say if he will be discovered to be a fraud in the TV series or he is who he says he is, and knows the secret behind ending the walker epidemic.

Daryl tells somebody at the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead to “come on out,” that it is okay. That is not something he would say to Carol, and Beth is still in Slabtown, waiting to be rescued, so it is not her. That has led to speculation that the person is someone who knows what happened to Beth and where she was taken. Well, we will not know during this episode for sure who the person was, though even money is that he is a character in this episode, an orderly named “Noah.”

At the start of The Walking Dead, Beth groggily woke up in a hospital room. A woman dressed up as a cop, Dawn Lerner, entered the room with a “doctor.” The told Beth that they found her with her wrist fractured and with a superficial head wound. The “doctor” asked her if she remembers her own name, and the “cop” tells her that they saved her, so she told Beth “you owe us.” Then, The Walking Dead went to a commercial break.

When The Walking Dead returned from the first break of the night, Beth walks with the doctor to a room where a man that was brought in is on life support. The doctor takes him off of life support, as the patient had supposedly not been getting any better.

“How many people live here?” Beth asks the “doctor.” He tells here some people live there and some were patients that got better. He disposed of the body down an elevator shaft.

Another “cop” told Beth that they found her by the side of the road. He told her his name is “Gorman.” He added “Everything costs something, right?”

Beth served the doctor food, in her role as a helper, paying back a “debt.” She wondered what the food was that the doctor was eating.

“Guinea pig,” the doctor said. “Hey, have you ever tried guinea pig?” He offered her a bite.

“It’s good enough for Peru,” he told her.

He mentioned the meaning of a religious-looking painting to her. “It isn’t about survival. It’s about transcendence,” he said.

Then, the “cops” brought in a man who supposedly jumped from a window. They want the doctor to save him. The man just about died, but the doctor attempted to save him. The man had internal bleeding, though, and the doctor told Dawn he was not sure he could save him.

Then, the “cop,” Dawn Lerner, slapped Beth’s face and told the doctor he “does not know what the stakes are here.”

“Is she always like that?” Beth asked the doctor when the show returned.

“Only on her bad days. They’re all bad days.”

Then a woman is brought in with a severe arm wound, likely a bite. Lerner tells her they are going to cut her arm off to save her life. Beth tried to leave, but Lerner asked her “Where are you going?” and then ordered her to hold the woman down. The doctor sawed her arm off.

Beth talked with an orderly and he told Beth that he was one of two people brought in. “They think I’m scrawny. They think I’m weak. But they don’t know s**t about me,” he said. He told her that was what they did, that they basically just kept alive the ones who they thought would not try to fight back against them.

Beth is offered lunch, but she said “I don’t need lunch. I’m only staying as long as you make me.”

Lerson told her they saved her life, and are trying to keep things going, and “that’s not small thing.”

“There’s still people like us, Beth — trying to keep the world alive. If we take, we give back — it’s only fair. You have to work off what we gave you, though. You have to eat, or you won’t be able to do your job.”

Beth did as the “cop” asked her, and took a bite of food. She then cleaned up the floor of the room where the woman is who had her arm cut off.

“She’s a coward, I guess it’s easy to make a deal with the devil when you’re not the one who’s paying the price,” the woman told Beth. After that, The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

Just what sort of person is Dawn Lerner? What does the woman who was brought in really know about her?

Back from the break, Beth was busily working away, making beds. “You lose something?” the male “cop” Gorman, said to her, as he entered the room. He offered her a lollipop, and placed it into her mouth. “Yeah, that’s right, that’s right,” he said to Beth.

The doctor came into the room and told him to leave her alone. “You steppin’ up, doc?” Gorman asked him.

“Why do you stay? You can leave anytime you want,” Beth asked the doctor later, after Gorman and Lerner left the room.

The doctor brought her downstairs and showed her a bunch of walkers outside. “Why’d you bring me here?” she asked him.

“You asked me why I’d stayed,” he answered, indicating that he stayed because of the walkers outside of the hospital.

On the rooftop, the doctor related to Beth something about his past. He told her about finding a kid with “napalm burns” and how “we struck a deal,” where he would pay them back with service. He said of Lerner that she kept us together, kept us alive.”

“You call this living?” Beth asked.

“We’re still breathing,” he said. “As bad as it gets, it’s sitll better than down there.”

Beth told him they had better get back. He said “Tomorrow, we’ll start fresh.”

On The Walking Dead, Beth is then seen injecting a man, who then begins to convulse and goes into cardiac arrest.

Dawn stabs him in the head and asked Beth “What did you do to him?”

Beth said “He started seizing. I gave him Clozipene. You told me to –“

“No, I didn’t,” the doctor said.

The “cop,” Lerner told Beth “Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good. The second we loss sight of that, it’s over. You’re not the greater good. This hasn’t been easy. There have been compromises, but it isn’t easy. Out there, you’re nothing — except dead or somebody’s burden. Some people are just not menat for this life and that’s okay — as long as they don’t take advantage of those that are.” She has taken over the leadership of this group on The Walking Dead, and seemingly places the patients who are brought in into a sort of forced servitude, to pay off a “debt.”

The orderly, Noah, told Beth “The screwed-up thing is she’s trapped, too.” Beth told him she wants to go with him when he tries to make a getaway. He told her he could take care of Donna.

Their plan hatched, Beth looked inside of a file cabinet and found a wallet with an I.D. inside. Beth saw a dead woman on the floor, Joan, the woman who had her arm sawed off. Gorman saw her and asked her “What are you doing here?”

On The Walking Dead, Gorman is definitely a slime-ball. He told Beth “Maybe she doesn’t have to know. Maybe it’s a win-win for all of us. Are we going to work something out here? Lucky for me, you’re not a fighter,” he told Beth. Beth hit him on the head with a candy jar, and when he fell, the woman on the floor suddenly roused up, having become a walker, and began eating away at Gorman’s throat. The Walking Dead went to another commercial break then.

Back from the break, Beth walked down the aisle. “Beth, is everything okay?” Dawn asked.

“Joan is looking for you. I saw her and Gorman headed to your office,” Beth told her.

Then, on The Walking Dead, the orderly, Noah, lowered Beth down the body elevator shaft on a home-made rope. Beth slipped part of the way down, but the orderly recovered and was able to lower her down safely the rest of the way. Then, he began climbing down, but a walker attacked him about half way down, from a window. He fell the rest of the way, but was okay.”

Next on The Walking Dead, Beth used a gun she had, likely Gorman’s, and shot several walkers, right in their heads. She shot more of them in the head, but she did not get them all, as there were too many of them. Noah managed to escape through a fence, but Beth got taken down and re-captured by the “cops.” She had a smile on her face, though, as at least, Noah had gotten away.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Dawn asked Beth, where Gorman’s body was.

“He attacked me, just as he attacked Joan. You let this happen. Nobody’s going to come save us,” she said. Dawn punched her, knocking her out.

“How did you know that guy was another doctor?” Beth asked the doctor on The Walking Dead. “That’s why you had me kill him, isn’t it?”

He told her that they would not have had any use for him any longer. He said that they would have gotten rid of him. They would have “crucified” him. Probably not literally, but they would have likely sent him outside the walls of the hospital, to become Walker Chow.

At the end of the episode of The Walking Dead, Beth is walking down the hallway with a scalpel in her hand. Then, though, she saw a gurney being brought into the hospital, with CAROL lying on it, and bruised-up!

What a messed-up episode of The Walking Dead this was, as it focused primarily on Beth, after a long hiatus of not seeing her for a few episodes. When another one of the regular cast members is finally seen, it is Carol, looking banged-up and unconscious, wheeled into the hospital. Will Beth now bide her time, and try to escape with Carol? Or, will help come from elsewhere, like Daryl, Sheriff Rick Grimes, Carl, Sasha, Tyreese and Michonne rescuing them, with Noah’s guidance?

From the previews of next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, it looked like at least some of the episode will focus on Sergeant Abraham Ford and the group of Rick’s survivors who went along with him. It might be that all of next week’s episode of The Walking Dead will focus on them, and we might not get back to an episode where Beth gets rescued for a couple of weeks from now. Stay tuned to next week’s episode to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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