‘The Walking Dead’ Rick to the Rescue and Father Gabriel Runs

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In this build up to the mid season finale of The Walking Dead, Rick rides out to the rescue and leaves Carl and Michonne, along with Judith, behind and Father Gabriel runs after prying up some floorboards in the church. Crossed, is a look at the four groups, Abraham, Maggie, Glenn, Eugene, Rosita and Tara are stuck with the fire engine and the sergeant is still sitting on his knees in the middle of the road, silent and angry. Rick takes Sasha, Daryl, Noah, and Tyrese to rescue Beth and Carol and this penultimate episode, before the mid season finale, is a great blend of suspense and discovery.

Rick in his role as general, is back where he belongs. When the first two of Dawn’s people are caught things look to be going well, right up until another cop shows up with his gun blasting and he almost gets away with the group’s prisoners. Each of the various sets of people in The Walking Dead have their own storyline, like last week, and all four sections have varying plot devices. Beth, and the unconscious (possibly dying) Carol in the hospital, Gabriel at the church, Eugene’s possible fate on the road and Rick’s group outside the hospital trying to get in all have different arcs.

Now that Rick has buried the farmer part of himself, the killer in him is just beneath the surface. In the Atlanta street, surrounded by those disgusting melted zombies, the big bald cop comes within a walker’s whisker of getting one right between the eyes. After that white knuckle struggle between Daryl and the cop, (And just how many times did the crossbow guy almost get infected by those crawling sludgy walkers?) things should have calmed down when Rick stepped in to rescue his friend but the tension was maintained until Daryl talked Rick down. Meanwhile, in The Walking Dead, Father Gabriel is planning to run and uses the machete to escape the fortified church.

In the hospital, Beth argues for Carol’s life support machines to be left on and Dawn, in her usual passive aggressive manner decides to turn off the woman’s support. She then gives Beth the key to the drugs cabinet and before walking down to find something to save her friend, Beth talks to the doctor who tells her not to trust Dawn. Tyrese may not have been the best person to take on the rescue mission and the audience learns that, like a vampire, Gabriel is repelled by a cross. Although for a split second, the cowardly clergy looks like he will actually kill one of the walking dead.

Bob the cop, turns out to be the one guy the group should not have trusted, Abraham finally decides to stop his self-imposed time out and Eugene finally wakes up. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, allows Rick to ride to the rescue, but it looks like Sasha has messed things up with her act or kindness for the “new” Bob. Father Gabriel runs and it is doubtful whether he will survive long on his own. On a side note, Carl’s voice has gotten a lot deeper suddenly and Tyrese is still pretty squeamish about killing people since The Grove. It looks like Rick has listened to the wrong prisoner and probably should have gone with his original plan. Previews of next week’s mid season finale looks pretty action packed compared to this week and fans know that there will be a nail biting cliffhanger ending to look forward to.

By Michael Smith