Tower of London Poppies Will Be Removed Tomorrow

Tower of London

From tomorrow, the Tower of London poppies will be removed. It will take time, but the ceramic poppies that have surrounded the moat of one of England’s most historic buildings will be given to their buyers. Those who are yet to see the display will be disappointed after some tried to get the display to remain until at least the end of the year.

The monument was created to commemorate those who had fallen during The Great War. It is 100 years ago since the start of the war, which claimed the lives of over 38 million people around the world. In the U.K. alone 888,246 people died. This is the exact number of ceramic poppies in the Tower of London display.

It is thought that four million people have seen the display, and officials urged people to stay away due to overcrowding. A number of tube stations were closed over recent weeks, especially during England’s half-term holiday during Halloween week.

Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson wanted to see the Tower of London display to stay, at least until the end of the month. Some wanted to see the display stand for the next four years to commemorate the whole four-year war. However, Historic Royal Palaces claimed that it was not possible. Not only would it mean broken contracts for those who had purchased the poppies, but there are risks that the cold weather will crack the material.

The Tower of London poppies will start to be removed from tomorrow. However, key parts of the display will remain for a little longer. The Weeping Window, which has a number of poppies flowing out of a window as if the moat is being filled, and The Wave will remain until the end of November. This will give people time to see this if they have not done already.

There will also be a tour of Britain’s towns throughout the next four years as a way to commemorate the full war. The U.K.’s government has provided charities the money to make this happen, noting how important it is for British history.

Floodlighting around the moat will remain in place for extended hours for visitors. The lighting will activate at 4:30am and turn off at midnight every day.

The Tower of London ceramic poppies have been purchased by individuals. Many wanted to put them on the war graves of their loved ones as a permanent fixture. Historic Royal Palaces has warned that the cold may cause the poppies to crack, so this may not be the best of ideas. It was only in the last few days that Commonwealth War Graves Commission allowed the poppies to be placed on graves permanently. Individuals were previously warned that the poppies would be removed and discarded if left.

Money raised for the poppies is being split between the charities that help those who have served in the British Armed Forces. People have been promised that they will receive them by January, which is why the Tower of London poppies need to be removed starting from tomorrow.

By Alexandria Ingham


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