‘Toy Story’ Christmas Special Coming in December [Video]

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The beloved Toy Story saga will be receiving a Christmas special coming this December that takes place after the events of the third feature film. The special is titled Toy Story That Time Forgot and will feature the likes of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as the famous Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, respectively.

The plot line of the special will follow the well-known band of toys in a post-Christmas playdate at one of their new owner’s friend’s house. Kevin McKidd from Disney and Pixar’s Brave will be joining the Toy Story family in this latest endeavor as a new dinosaur toy named Reptillus Maximus. McKidd’s character is in a state of dilution, as are his fellow Battlesaurs (which slightly resemble the DinoRider toys from the late eighties) as they believe to be actual dino-warriors and have not come to the realization that they are toys due to the fact that their new owner has yet to play with them after Christmas.

The focus of the story features Trixie (voiced by Kristen Schaal) the triceratops from Toy Story 3 as the principal player, for she is saddened by the fact that her owner, Bonnie, never plays with her as an actual dinosaur and is longing to get a taste of her primordial beginnings. Trixie’s wish is granted when Bonnie brings her toys over and they meet the Battlesaurs and are forced into a gladiatorial-style of combat.

The synopsis seems a bit strange for a Christmas special, but it seems that the creators behind the famed Pixar franchise have enough creative juice to fill the absurdity present in the subject material. Many fans of the film were skeptical when Pixar announced that Toy Story 4 is in the works and is slated for a summer 2017 release. Many did not want the studio to ruin the perfection that Toy Story 3 proved to present by making another sequel just for money reasons. Their faith in the studio may be restored after they see the possibilities that are present within the franchise’s universe.

This October, ABC released a Halloween special featuring the iconic toys in a segment called Toy Story of Terror. Only months later, Pixar has a full-fledged half hour special from the Toy Story realm ready to go. The production of these segments proves that there is still much room for creativity to flow effectively within the toys’ world.

The Christmas special is said to, of course provide that classic Disney and Pixar sense of entertainment, but also to be rather emotionally charged. The third film proved to be a major tearjerker at the end of the story and it is reported that similar themes that can trigger those tears are to be present in That Time Forgot. One may find themselves welling up over a short period of time out of reasons that may actually be subconscious, a feat Pixar has seemed to master.

Toy Story That Time Forgot will air as a Christmas special on ABC on Dec. 2. A preview of the segment can be viewed below.

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