Victoria’s Secret 2 Million Dollar Bras on Show in Las Vegas



Victoria’s Secret held their last sneak peak of the two $2 million bras at the Fashion Show Mall in downtown Las Vegas and while a cash amount could be placed on the brassieres, no dollar figure could be placed on the two models who presented the gemstone undergarments. Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio flew into Nevada to be a part of the last chance customers had to see the items live. In a few short weeks the two gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angels will be wearing these “coveted” Fantasy Bras while strolling down the runway on December 2, 2014.

Adriana Lima

On that date in the capital city of the United Kingdom a couple of firsts will be seen by the world. This Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is being held in London for the first time, which will be televised on CBS December 9, plus Adriana and Alessandra will be wearing the gemstone “body pieces” as first time that two Angels have been chosen to model the Fantasy Bras. These sapphire, diamond and ruby undergarments are connected with 18 carat gold and have more than 16,000 gemstones in each bra.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Designed by Mouawad who are the official jewelers for Victoria’s Secret. This award winning family owned business was founded way back in 1890. The company has been included in the Guinness World Records a total of four times, one of the entries was for most valuable necklace in the world, which has a dollar value $55 million. Pascal Mouawad was at the Victoria’s Secret store in the Las Vegas mall along with Alessandra and Adriana and he posed with the girls and the $2 million bras. He also, at one point had a chat with the press assembled to talk of how pleased he was that the two models had been chosen to show off his company’s beautiful body piece.

Guardian Liberty Voice Deputy Managing Editor Michael Smith spoke to the two models who, between the two of them, have been with Victoria’s Secret for over 27 years. Adriana has been with the company since 2000 and she revealed that if it was at all possible, she would like to continue with them for another 20 years. Gesturing at her toned appearance, which was adorned in an outfit which matched the color of the bra that she will be modelling, she laughed and said that hopefully she could keep looking like this long enough to continue. Alessandra revealed that after thirteen years she still felt that this was her dream job and she too revealed that the idea of stopping has never entered her head.

Adriana and Alessandra talking about Victoria’s Secret.

Both the 33 year old models talked about how all the women at Victoria’s Secret really wanted to be the ones to wear the Fantasy Bras each year. When asked how they were chosen, for instance, were their names pulled out of a hat? The two women laughed and Alessandra said, “We don’t know, but if we could ever figure it out…” The two Brazilian women explained that they way they found out was when being told that a body cast was being made of their bodies.

“Just like for a science fiction movie,” according to Alessandra. Both women spoke of their excitement at the process and about putting two and two together to work out that the bras were theirs to wear. Both Alessandra and Adriana knew a lot about the Victoria’s Secret $2 million Fantasy Bras that were on show at the Las Vegas shopping mall. Apart from knowing the dollar amount of each undergarment that they would be wearing in London, they also pointed out that the outfits they were wearing were perfect color matches for the items and each woman could identify what gemstones were in the brassieres and what went into developing the items. The London Fashion Show will be televised on CBS, December 9, 2014.

Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio talk about the bras and what went into making them.

By Michael Smith


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