What Is Coming Up in This Week’s The Vampire Diaries? [Video]

The Vampire Diaries

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is just a few days away, and many fans want to know what is coming up. More importantly, Delena and Steroline shippers want to know if there is any chance of seeing those two couples together. The promo does not look that promising for either.

For those wanting to see Elena take Damon back and remember how much she loves him, it is not good news. Elena makes it very clear that she is moving on because she does not remember her past with the older Salvatore brother. She even goes as far as inviting Liam—the boy she kissed just two episodes ago—to the medical fundraiser at Whitemore College, making it even worse for Damon.

However, the vampire is not about to give up. True to The Vampire Diaries style, he is going to get jealous but does that mean he will act out and make Elena hate him more? According to the synopsis for episode seven, Do You Remember the First Time?, the Gilbert vampire is going to face some memories. The question is whether they are true memories, or ones that are slightly clouded with Alaric’s compulsion. Could they be of the genuinely bad memories of Damon, pushing her further away from him?

Damon will come across something that sparks his hope that something will work out. Is that with Elena or will he make a discovery sparking the hope that Bonnie can be saved?

In the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Stefan agreed to lie about Bonnie, so what is coming up for that storyline this week? Bonnie is certainly still there in this Gemini coven “other side,” but how long will she remain “alive” there? Kai will want revenge, and she will be hoping that Damon will tell others that she is stuck there. Never trust the “evil” Salvatore brother!

For Steroline fans, there is hope. At least, there is hope that the two will be friends again. Caroline and Stefan get a few scenes together, and it looks like Stefan could actually be asking for forgiveness. However, all is not rosy, as usual on The Vampire Diaries.

Tripp is still around and knows that Caroline is a vampire. It seems he sets a trap by taking Sheriff Forbes, knowing that Caroline will play hero. Will he get the vampire he needs, and will that lead to the gang getting together to take out Tripp once and for all? At the same time, Enzo, Matt and Stefan are trying to find out more from Tripp about the whole operation to extinguish vampires.

Jo also makes a return in this episode, and hopefully her witch storyline will come out. There are a lot of secrets that she is hiding, and it would not be surprising if it turned out that she was part of the Gemini coven. The synopsis makes it clear that she will open up to Alaric, who is now human again. There certainly seems to be a lot coming up in this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

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