Airstrikes in Syrian Border Kobani


The Kurdish fighters and Islamic State group ISIS started airstrikes on the Syrian-Turkey boarder city of Kobani on Saturday. The attack was initiated when five suicide bombers blew themselves up while driving an armored vehicle containing explosives. The incident happened on the northern border between city of Kobani and Turkey.

There have been reported to have as many as 30 airstrikes until Sunday and at least 40 fighters were killed in the attack from both sides. The Islamic State group used to strikes from three sides and now they had attacked from four sides when clashes erupted from west side of Kobani. They are using heavy tanks and shooting at least 110 different areas of the city.

Turkey, who has always been supporting the Syrian opponents, was hesitant to provide any help in Kobani due to its fear of effecting Kurdish struggle for an independent state. During the Saturday attack, one of the suicide bombers was confirmed to have detonated from Syrian side of the border but Turkey is denying that the car has entered from Turkey border to Kobani.

The U.S. led coalition first started operation in the region in September expanding their aerial control, hitting the Islamic militants in Iraq. Kurdish fighters, with the aide of U.S, are slowly operating in Kobani since October and many Iraqi soldiers joined these Kurdish Syrians. ISIS has been launching the airstrikes in Syrian border city of Kobani with the target of adding it to already captured territory in parts of Syria and Iraq and declaring it as a new independent Islamic State.

The Islamic State group has formed their own Islamic system in areas they have captured and control in Iraq and Syria, governing it with its own extreme interpretation of Islamic law. During the current airstrikes on Syrian border Kobani, it has also been rumored that ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been either injured or killed.

The Unites States and its allies have been launching the airstrikes against this self-developed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and trying to weaken the group’s control on land. U.S. government has deployed more than thousand troops to Iraq to give training to Kurdish Syrians and Iraqi soldiers. The airstrikes have, although restricted the ISIS activities in the region but Kurdish and Iraqi forces need more ground operations to take control from the Islamic State group which is apparently lacking in both countries.

United States has already ordered and executed 819 air and drone strikes out of which, 157 have been operated from other countries. President Obama had met with defense personal from coalition nations to discuss further strategies to make the operation stronger and effective. They are also targeting in increasing the intelligence in the region to defeat the Islamic State group.

The airstrikes at the city of Kobani border of Syria by U.S. allied and Kurdish forces against ISIS in the region has further tensed the situation in the region. It has been reported that their efforts to weaken the ISIS fighters have yet been failed and U.S. government should take further measures in order to defeat the extremist group.

By Atika Jilani



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