American Horror Story: Freak Show Just Got Really Freaky (Review)


American Horror Story: Freak Show just got really freaky, with its latest episode, titled very appropriately Tupperware Party Massacre, and heads off into the stratosphere exceeding all prior bounds of oddities in the season thus far. Dandy Mott making his own “mother puppet” which is in reality his own Dot and Bette puppet, after killing the Avon lady started the show off properly, setting the murderous tone for the rest of the show. *And on a sidenote, how many viewers can remember when the Avon ladies used to come to the front door and those adverts on the telly, “Avon Calling.” Ah the nostalgia…*

After getting his fortune told by Maggie, or Esmarelda as Dandy calls her, Mott leaves whistling and a drunken Jimmy recognizes the tune. He leaves Ima, whom he has been feeding, to confront the “other clown.” He swings at Mott and misses, as he lays partly conscious on the ground the rich madman promises to destroy everything that Darling holds dear. Once the American Horror Story intro finishes, Stanley and Elsa track down the twins at the cheap hotel the late Ethel hid them in. The pair tell the Tatler twins that they have set up their separation surgery and take them from the room and hide them in a shack out in the middle of nowhere.

Before taking the twins away Mars and Stanley tell them that the move is for their own safety and that a mob of Jupiter town folk murdered Ethel. Meanwhile, Desiree and Maggie are looking for the Tatler sisters, when a man shows up looking for Desiree. After a short conversation with the chap, who is Theo Huxtable aka Malcolm Jamal-Warner. (And how freaky is this guest star timing, the TV son of a beleaguered Bill Cosby with all those accusations from women and Jamal-Warren appearing as a ladies man.) American Horror Story Freak Show really takes a turn into left field as the two women go on to find a still drunk Jimmy having sex with Iam.

After a confrontation, the two leave Jimmy throwing up and the next thing the audience sees is Darling at the Tupperware Party of the title, too drunk to perform. He has a short conversation with mother Ethel, who is clearly a hallucination and not a ghost since she never mentions she was murdered and did not commit suicide, he then leaves. Dandy Mott arrives at the door of the party seconds later and is let in to use the phone. Mott slaughters all the women in the house and leaves their bodies floating in the blood drenched swimming pool. When the husband returns he stares in horror at the scene and actually screams.

Regina comes back to Mott Mansion where Dandy reveals that he killed her mother, and hers, while adding his recent blood collection, which he stored conveniently in some Tupperware containers. (Wonder where those came from?) and he confides to his childhood friend about how happy he is and Mott invites her to have a blood bath with him. Dandy tells Regina that he does not want to kill her and as she stands looking at him in horror, Mott explains that he is now a God. Regina flees after Dandy tells her to go before he kills her too.

Bette and Dot have a long discussion about the upcoming operation and this sort of “inner dialogue” discussed in the open, reveals how each twin feels about the horror of being two separate women sharing the same body. At the end of this oddly touching conversation, the two sister declare their love for one another and they, as well as the audience, are in tears.

Dell Toledo, the strongman, cries while trying to write a suicide note. The last straw for the reluctant murderer of Ma Petite was meeting Stanley on the road. After taunting the strongman, the con man takes his penis out of his trousers telling Dell that he is never “half-cocked.” Toledo stares in horror at the appendage and mutters, “You’re a freak.” As Stanley excites himself, he tells Dell that this will be their “dirty secret.” As Toledo finishes his note, the ghost of Ma Petite appears and demands he sign it.

Ethel shows up just as Dell starts to put the noose around his neck and Michael Chiklis gets the “surreal line of the night award” for the conversation he has with the bearded lady. After saying she came to watch the two talk about being freaks. He admits to being a coward and confesses that he is a freak. Looking at the spectre of his former wife, he says, “I swear to Christ Ethel, I don’t know how you and the others manage it.” The oddity of this line and the matter of fact way that Chiklis says it adds to the delightful weirdness that is American Horror Story.

Dell climbs up on the chair, puts the noose around his neck and steps off. As his heartbeat slows, Desiree comes in and saves him. Gasping and wheezing for breath, Dell keeps repeating, “I’m sorry.” Stanley rehearses a young gay hustler on what to do as the “surgeon” for the Tatler sisters, whom he plans to murder via injection. Regina shows back up to accuse Dandy of murder with the cop who put the Meep the Geek in jail to be killed by the other inmates.

Mott confesses to the dirty cop and then explains how his millions will allow him to get away with the murders. The detective, draws his gun and tells Dandy to “stop talking, sir, you’re digging yourself a hole,” The killer tells the cop to dig a hole for Regina and that he will give the lawman $1 million to shoot her. Without skipping a beat the cop turns and shoots Regina in the head and asks, “Have you got a shovel?” This is by far the funniest scene in this horror filled season yet. Darkly funny, yes, but still worthy of a deep chuckle and a bit of applause for the show’s creators Ryan Murphy and co.

Back at the Freak Show, Amazon Eve and Paul are attempting to take down the posters for Ethel and Ma Petite and Jimmy stops them. He goes back to his trailer to find Bette and Dot waiting for him. The twins have changed their minds about the surgery, something that will undoubtedly upset Stanley and Elsa, and Dot professes her love for Jimmy. Bette agrees to either make herself disappear or join in, if is what Jimmy wants. The twins stand exposed, they took their top off, and as the three kiss, Darling breaks away saying he loves someone else. Whether he is referring to Ima or Maggie is not made clear.

The last act in Jimmy’s tale in American Horror Story Freak Show, has the police arresting him for the tupperware murders. The same cop who shot Regina tells Lobster Boy that he left his gloves at the crime scene. Things have just gotten very freaky indeed in the world of carnival cast offs that Ryan Murphy created and while next week’s episode looks to have less of a body count, it still looks pretty horror filled and Jimmy is in jail. One of the pinheads looks dead and whether this is the work of Dell or someone else will hopefully be revealed in the next show. The next episode of American Horror Story airs December 17 on FX.

By Michael Smith



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