Angelina Jolie Comforts Crying Fan


A-list actress Angelina Jolie comforted a crying fan outside of the Tonight’s Show set on Thursday. As Jolie exited the doors of the building, the fan pushed through the steel bars that section the area off, and sat on the stoop of the building. The fan, who was amidst a panic attack, was crying while holding a picture of Jolie in her hands. The actress quickly noticed the young woman and ran over to comfort her.

No one had expected her to run over and comfort the crying fan. In fact, security was moving her towards an awaiting SUV that would take Jolie to her next event when Jolie heard a bunch of commotion going on nearby. The actress stopped what she was doing and looked past her security towards the distressed fan. She did not hesitate; she ran straight over to the crying fan, according to witnesses.

Witnesses say that the actress bent over with one knee on the ground and looked the fan directly in the eye. The actress then began offering kind words to the woman who goes by the name Techna. Jolie comforted the crying fan while using her hand to remove the tears from the fan’s face stated observers.

Jolie, after comforting the crying fan, took several selfie pictures with the fan before saying her good-byes, stated witnesses. She then signed a few autographs for waiting fans and then got into her SUV and left the scene. The actress was in New York City visiting The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote her new movie, Unbroken. The beautiful actress was wearing a white, knee-length dress coat, black heels, and black pants. She looked elegant as usual, commented one fan.

Angelina Jolie is the director of a film Unbroken that is expected to be Oscar worthy and is sure to touch the hearts of people all over the world, claims those involved in the making of the film. The film is set to capture the life of Louis Zamperini, a Japanese POW camp survivor. Zamperini was an Olympic track star who survived a World War II plane crash and survived in a raft in the open waters of the ocean for 47 days only to be captured by Japanese Navy and sent to a war camp.

Zamperini would remain in the POW camp for two and a half years before being rescued and brought back to his family and loved ones. Louis Zamperini would go on to become a motivational speaker and inspiration to many all over the world. The film will be released by Universal Studios on Christmas day.

Zamperini would come to pass this past July,  but not before Jolie had the opportunity to show him the movie that she had created about his life. This past Wednesday, Jolie was able to present Zamperini’s family and loved ones with an honor in his name that was issued from the United States Senate that would honor Zamperini’s accomplishments and legacy. On this day, it would be Angelina who would need comforting as she shed tears while thanking those who had allowed and helped her to tell Zamperini’s story to the world. Who knew that the very next day it would be Jolie that was the one doing the comforting as she wiped away the tears from a crying fan.

By Kelli Patterson

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Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore- Flickr License

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