Are The 100’s Mountain Men Really That Evil?

The 100

Most shows love to set up a bad guy/good buy scenario. It helps to keep the shows moving on, and is what many fans want to watch. The question is whether the Mountain Men on The 100 are really that evil. There is a grey area with the show that has been there since season one, and it is a grey area that many shows fail to show off effectively.

The 100 has done something that other shows fail. There is an element of caring for certain people within the different groups and types of people. During season one, there was an element of caring for the Grounders, especially when it came to the storyline between Octavia and Lincoln. However, there were other members of the Grounders that many fans found they could care for or at least sort of like. Anya was one of those characters.

It was clear that the Grounder were not really evil. They were just surviving. The 100 that were sent down from space soon found out that the Earth was not as empty as expected, but the war that forced them to live in space had continued on the ground. Each different group of Earth survivors were simply trying to live, and that meant questionable tactics.

For the Mountain Men, it meant living underground and finding ways to survive the radiation on Earth. It is clear that they cannot go outside without their protective gear, but that is something they dream of doing. Does that really make the Mountain Men on The 100 that evil?

They way they are going about their experiments, yes. The Mountain Men have been experimenting on people. There seems to be no care that Grounders are humans just like them. They have been treated as a different species almost, and it brings the Concentration Camps to mind from World War Two.

There is no excuse for the Mountain Men to force the remaining members of the 100 to give their blood to help with their scientific experiments. They could have asked them from the beginning to share their blood in the name of science. If they had been open about their plans, there is a high chance that some of the members would have agreed. After all, they would have gotten to live somewhere with warm showers and regular meals.

Could the same have happened with the Grounders? Possibly not, but that is difficult to say without knowing a lot more about the war that has taken place on Earth. Fans of The 100 are still learning about the different groups and everything that they went through. How did the Grounders build up an immunity to the radiation when the Mountain Men have been stuck underground this whole time?

In short, not all the Mountain Men seem to be the bad guys. Do they even all know about the experiments happening? It could be similar to the Ark, where the command central knew about the plan to send the under-18s to Earth, while others had no idea about the inner workings. However, the Mountain Men who are doing the experiments on The 100 are certainly evil in nature.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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