Bono of U2 Filled in for by Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen


Bono, U2’s frontman, did not want to let his bicycling-related injury in Central Park cause the cancellation of a U2 concert on Monday at a concert honoring World AIDS Day. Though U2 canceled out of playing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for an entire week due to Bono’s injuries, fortunately, the World AIDS Day concert was able to go on, with the help of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who filled in for Bono.

The World AIDS Day (RED) concert took place in Times Square, and was a free event. Chris Martin of Coldplay got the nod to sing With or Without You and Beautiful Day and The Boss belted out two other songs from U2’s Joshua Tree album, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and Where the Streets Have No Name.

Kanye West and Carrie Underwood were also there at the concert. Kanye performed some of his songs at the concert, such as Power, Jesus Walks and Stronger.

There were only a few hundred fans at the concert, possibly because it had been raining in Times Square. However, as soon as U2 with Chris Martin got on stage, the rain stopped. Besides highlighting efforts to combat AIDS, both Springsteen and Chris Martin also sent out their well wishes to Bono, 54, who is currently recovering in Dublin, Ireland.

Though Bono is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries, they were fairly serious and extensive. His left eye socket was fractured and he also suffered a broken left elbow and left shoulder blade. Bono had to have an operation that lasted five hours.

A bicycle accident in Central Park last month left Bono with multiple injuries. The frontman of U2, who is known to support many worthwhile causes like finding a cure for AIDS, underwent a five-hour operation last month.

The World AIDS Day concert was opened by former President Bill Clinton, who said that Bono requested by email that he speak at the start of the event. Among other things that Clinton mentioned was that “to be diagnosed with Aids was the death sentence,” 26 years ago. The crowd gave him a loud cheer when Clinton said “We are going to win this fight.”

Current U.S. President Barack Obama appeared a the concert on a large screen in a video message. In the message, Obama stated that we are getting closer to achieving “an AIDS-free generation.”

Bono spoke from Dublin, his face broadcast on the screen in Times Square. He said that a “tipping point” has been reached and that many people view this as being “the beginning of the end of AIDS.”

Thanks to the efforts of Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen, the World AIDS Day concert was not canceled. Also, thanks to the Bank of America, three million dollars were donated by them to Bono’s RED organisation, which raises money to combat AIDS. Though the fight against AIDS is for from being over, the good news is that both the rate of new infections and also deaths resulting from the disease are down around the world. There is only one Bono, but Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen filled in admirably for him, putting on a show that the fans in Times Square will remember for a long time.

Written By Douglas Cobb

The Week Magazine
Irish Independent
CBS Local
Photo by Andres Fevrier – Flickr License

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