Cam Newton Disappointed

Cam Newton was disappointed with Panther fans that started cheering after rookie Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel left Sunday’s contest. Manziel’s injury came late in the second quarter. The injury to his hamstring kept the quarterback out of the remainder of the game.

Newton said that he was uncomfortable with the way the crowd responded when Johnny Football got hurt. “I was saddened [by] the crowd’s response when he got hurt.” Newton went on to say the cheering showed no class.

Manziel and Newton have established a friendship over the past two years. Newton stepped in to assist the Browns quarterback when he was dealing with all the away-from-the-field problems while still at Texas A&M. Cam is highly respected by Manziel who recently told reporters that he appreciates all the help the Panther signal caller has given him via conference call.

Cam told reporters that the game loses so much of its depth and meaning when insensitive fans mock injured players. “I’ve had it done in my career…it takes the integrity out of the game.” He challenged the Carolina fans to take note of themselves. He believes the Carolina Panther fans are better than that.

The versatile Carolina quarterback is quite the remarkable athlete. He is a budding superstar who plays like Superman on the field. Less than two weeks ago, fans were concerned about the magnitude of the injuries suffered by the 25-year-old after being involved in an automobile accident.

According to authorities, Newton faced no vehicular charges. He traveling at the indicated speed limit when another pulled out into his driving lane. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and observation. The other driver also suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Testing showed that Cam suffered two transverse fractures of the lower back region. The injury is similar to the one Tony Romo has from earlier this season. At the time of Newton’s back injury, no one knew for sure how much of a timetable the quarterback would require for recovery. But Cam Newton did not allow feelings of being disappointed to stop his passion for the game.

Bryan Strickland, senior writer for the Carolina Panthers organization, reported that just twelve days ago, it was difficult to even think Newton would be near a football field after flipping his truck near the stadium. It has been a tough season for Newton and the Panthers, but the team has adjusted to the adversity and stood tall. Now Coach Ron Rivera and his team are vying for a playoff spot with good chances to earn it.

The 6’6” ,260 pound quarterback is now in his fourth NFL season. To date, his best year was his rookie season in 2011. He threw for 4,051 yards and completed 310 passes on 517 passing attempts. He threw 21 touchdown passes. That year the guy with the “S” on his chest also rushed for over 700 yards and scored 14 rushing touchdowns. Cam, who is a modern-day superman, is a threat to opposing defenses.

The Carolina Panthers are in the playoff hunt . Although the team’s record is 6-8-1, a win against the Atlanta Falcons next week puts the Panthers in the post season. Cam Newton may be disappointed with the way hometown fans jeered Manziel’s injury, but this iron modern-day superman brings the kind of passion to the game that encourages fans and players alike to be at their best.

By D’wayne Stanelli

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Photo courtesy of  Keith Allison – Flickr