Chris Rock Admits to Cheating on Wife?

Chris Rock

Chris Rock may have admitted to cheating on his wife. He recently announced that his 19-year marriage is coming to an end. Fans instantly wondered whether infidelity is the reason for this.

However, the 49-year0old comedian has asked for privacy during this time, especially for his soon-to-be ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock. Rumors that the comedian has been involved with other women have plagued him for years, and it seems that it may be the reason for his divorce. However, there has not yet been an official statement over the reason.

A spokesman informed the press that Rock has filed for divorce, but that it is a personal matter. The couple would like privacy while they focus on their family. There is certainly nothing wrong with them asking for this, as there will be a lot of matters to attend to considering it is bring an end to an almost 20-year marriage.

The Huffington Post reported that there was a 31-minute conversation recorded between Los Angeles private investigator Anthony Pellicano and the 49-year-old comedia, shortly after a legal claim in 2012. During the conversation, it sounds like Rock admits to having sex with a woman that is not his wife.

The legal claim was brought against Rock by Monika Zsibrita, a Hungarian model. The phone conversation claims that the comedia told the model that he would be divorcing his wife years ago. However, he then returned to New York, to his seemingly perfect marriage. Is it possible that Rock did admit to cheating on his wife during this phone conversation?

Compton-Rock released a statement on December 28 to confirm the decision to end the marriage. She told People that working with those who are most vulnerable has helped her focus on the blessings in life during difficult times. Her two children with her husband, Lola and Zahra, will remain her top priority during this time and will help with the transition that the end of the marriage brings.

Many fans will be devastated at the news. It is another blow to celebrity couples, as Tim Burton and long-term girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter announced their decision to split earlier this year. The split is very different to Rock and his wife. They are living in adjoining houses with a shared common room, and remain very good friends. The two were even spotted on Christmas Day together with their two children.

This is not the first time that rumors of divorce have circulated the comedian and his wife. In 2010, the two were forced to deny the rumors that they were getting a divorce. It seemed like nothing could bring them down. However, Rock asked for his lawyer to release the statement that he was filing for divorce, while his wife shared her own statement at the same time.

A number of publications have requested a comment over the recent suggestions that infidelity is the reason for the divorce. However, nobody has responded to any of them. It is possible that Rock admitted to cheating on his wife through a taped phone conversation some years ago, but that may not be the reason for the announcement of the divorce.

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