Cosby May Not Face Charges for Alleged Crimes


Bill Cosby, a long time comedic legend, may not face criminal charges for his alleged crimes of sexual assault. Recently nearly 20 women have come forward accusing Cosby of drugging and raping them. He has remained silent on the issue with very little exception.

There are a few key factors that imply he will not be answering to criminal charges. In many states, there is a statute of limitations which gives a definitive period of time in which a victim can come forward to press charges. Lack of evidence as well as variety of classifications for crimes and punishments are also significant.

Cosby’s alleged sexual misconduct has spanned a few different states. Every state has different punishments for various crimes. There are also different classifications for each crime. In California, for example, rape is considered to be an “illegal sexual relationship” giving it a less severe punishment than other states. New York considers rape to be a criminal sexual act giving it a much harsher punishment.

The lack of evidence is another complication with his alleged victims. Some of his accusers have come forward speaking about incidents that happened near the beginning of Cosby’s career, which is more than 30 years ago.

It is nearly impossible to perform drug and alcohol testing or gather physical evidence to determine rape after such a long period of time. The evidence lies in the testimony of his accusers, who can do little more than provide a statement of the alleged attacks.

Comedian Chris Rock has recently made a statement against the legendary comedian, saying that he hoped the allegations were not true. He also compared the death of Cosby’s career to the actual deaths of two other famous comedians who passed away this year, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.

Chris Rock is nott the first comedian to speak out against Cosby. Hannibal Buress reignited the firestorm of allegations during his stand-up comedy act in October, calling him out as a rapist and a hypocrite.

The allegations against Cosby have done plenty to destroy his long and legendary career. His appearances at different venues have been cancelled left and right, although he still performed in some places. Recently, Tarrytown Music Hall has offered refunds for all those who wanted them, as they were unable to cancel his upcoming appearance.

The University of Massachusetts – Amherst has decided to cut ties with the long time supporter and former graduate because of the accusations. Even though Cosby may not face charges for his alleged crimes, they asked Cosby to step down as honorary co-chairman of their fundraising campaign. The campaign was worth nearly $300 million.

His long career has suffered as a result of his alleged crimes, even though he may not face charges for them. The long time comedy legend has starred in and produced everything from sitcoms and cartoons to children’s programming. His stand-up career will also never be the same, with many venues cancelling his appearances.

Cosby may not face charges for his alleged crimes. Burden or proof and lack of evidence play a large part in. Cosby’s alleged guilt has damaged his career and technology has helped former supporters turn against him.

By Kerri Cushna


Picture by MikeSpeaks – Flickr License

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