Design Trends to Look for in 2015

designWith the new year quickly approaching, and the housing market beginning to rise, more and more people have begun looking for their own houses. Along with new houses, comes new designs and new design trends for these domiciles. From kitchens to bathrooms to even swimming pools, there are certain style choices that people will be seeing all year. Some of these styles are traditional, but with new twists. Others are new ideas that will seem timeless.

An easy place to start in decorating is color, but 2015 will be doing color differently. While a wide variety of colors never hurt anything, decorators will be looking to use muted colors, or even darker colors, in the coming year. These add a richer, deeper template than has been seen in recent years, where bright colors ruled the roost. Instead, this year will see gunmetal grays, and dark reds that are almost maroon.

When it comes to lighting, hanging lights will be the sign of the times. There is so much a decorator can do with a hanging light. Round, silver lighting, almost retro in feel will be making a comeback. Home designers can look to web sites like Pintrest to get creative ideas to put their own dramatic, creative touches to their lighting to really give their homes that personal touch. Home decorators will also be looking at LED lighting as a cost effective and green way to bring light to homes. What will people be screwing these LED light bulbs into, though? The hottest trend will most likely be bronze lighting. In fact, bronze will probably be seen in kitchens more than anything else.

Though silvery lighting is making a comeback, in the rest of the house, bronze will be the way to go. Moving away from the surgical feel of silver fixtures like faucets and even towel holders, oil rubbed bronze is the way many decorators will be going. Bronze just adds a touch of warmth to a home, making it feel lived in and cozy. These fixtures can give a sense of place that is missing from the cold, hard style of the past.

One of the most used rooms in a house is, of course, the bathroom, and there are many new design trends happening in there. Clean, distinct, lines will separate the design choices of today from yesterday. Also, where a variety of colors will serve the rest of the house, the rules for the bathroom will be different. Black and white tiles will be very popular in the coming year. Those colors will also be used for things like bathtubs and sinks. In fact, where in years past ultra fancy showers were very popular, this year will see the growing popularity of luxurious tubs.

Along with bathing, many people will be adding swimming pools to their homes this year. While many will continue to design their pools with stand by’s like tiles and connecting hot tubs, one new trend is making a big splash. Glass fencing for pools is a clean, classy way to decorate a pool area while also keeping children safe.

The new year can mean a new look for a person’s home. These design trends are the most stylish, coolest, way to get the job done.

By Bryan Levy

Photo Courtesy of Didriks – Creativecommons License
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