Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash Causes Six Fatalities


So far, there are six fatalities caused by the Glasgow bin lorry crash yesterday. The incident occurred at around 14:30 close to Queen Street train station. It is one of the most busiest parts of the area for shoppers, especially during this time of year.

Police are still trying to determine the reason behind the crash. It was determined by them almost immediately that it was “nothing sinister,” and it seems like a very unfortunately incident. A dedicated support line has been set up for those who worry if their friends or relatives were involved. However, individuals are urged to phone their loved ones, especially those who were in Glasgow city center around the time of the crash.

A major investigation is currently underway. Police Scotland released a statement through various methods, including on Facebook, appealing for anyone with mobile footage of the incident to email it to their dedicated address.

According to eye witnesses, the bin lorry was out of control driving down Queen Street. The crash started at the Gallery of Modern Art and ended towards the end of the street by Queen Street train station. So far, six fatalities have been believed to have occurred due to the Glasgow bin lorry crash, including one believed to be that of a baby.

Stephen McNeil, an eyewitness, described the terror. He spoke about how he was just walking out of a store when there was a “woman screaming” and a “man on the floor.” When he looked down the road, he saw the lorry as it mounted the kerb and hit people as they stood. It happened too quickly for anyone to do anything.

Another witness, Janey Godley, explained that people were receiving CPR when she arrived at the scene. She believes ambulances had only just reached as there was still debris and “Christmas shopping all over the street.”

It appears to be a very unfortunately incident. One witness explained that the driver of the lorry looked like he was slumped over at the wheel. Some reports suggest that he had a heart attack at the wheel, which he is now being treated for in hospital. One witness spoke of a student-aged girl who stood with blood pouring from her mouth and then collapsed back onto the ground.

Glasgow City Council suggested that the Christmas lights be switched off as a sign of respect. However, by the time Police Scotland were at the scene it would have been getting dark, so they requested that all lights stay on. They would help with the investigation.

The emergency services believes that the number of fatalities from the Glasgow incident may rise. There are a number of severely injured individuals who are now being treated in hospital.

The roads around the area were immediately closed so the investigation could take place. All shoppers and drivers were encouraged to take alternative routes and avoid the scene of the crash.

Relatives and friends are able to phone the dedicated phone line to see if their loved ones have been involved in the incident. The police are continuing their investigation into the Glasgow bin lorry crash that as caused six fatalities so far.

By Alexandria Ingham



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