Google Celebrates the Season of Giving


Inspired by organizations which have made a difference in the lives of many, Google celebrates Christmas as the season of giving. It inspires three grantees to continue their respective causes with $15 million grants using technology to address the biggest problems of the world so that more people will directly benefit from them.

Google supports organizations such as Feeding America, Nexleaf Analytics and Malaria No More by supporting them through Feeding America serves 3.3 billion meals every year and its most recent initiative of food rescue, the Online Marketplace, connects food service establishments and local retail with excess food to the less privileged. It is because, while landfills are the recipients of billions of pounds of excess food, one in five children and a total of 49 million Americans are hungry.

It is believed that Feeding America’s Online Marketplace will save 740 million meals and redirect them to those in need. It lessens food waste and feed more families.

The other grantee, Nexleaf Analytics, is on the lookout to make sure no lives are lost to diseases that are preventable. It preserves life-saving vaccines for Indian and Mozambique children. The organization installs in clinics inexpensive refrigerator sensors for this purpose. Google is funding the organization’s ColdTrace, an easy-to-use and inexpensive system to remotely monitor temperature of vaccine refrigerators. A sensor in a ColdTrace set-up sends alerts to health workers via SMS when vaccine refrigerators become too cold or too hot, thus, reducing the possibility of vaccine spoilage.

Meanwhile, Malaria No More fights to save lives by studying malaria cases, how they are spread and how they are treated. It advocates rapid diagnostic tests to expand the ability of confirming malaria cases in remote places and make sure people get the treatment whenever they need it.

While Google celebrates the season of giving by sharing what it has, it likewise enjoins others to support these organizations and get involved. Its aim is to make the world a bit better with technology, programs, grants, volunteer hours and donations. The internet search titan from Mountain View, California expresses its appreciation to any person or organization that selflessly spread good vibes and deeds to the world. It looks forward to more noble works that would change the lives for the better in the coming year.

There are many ways to help. For instance, Feeding America appreciates volunteers to rescue billion pounds of produce wastage through gleaning, which means collecting safe and good food left on farms after harvests and donate it to the local food bank. Those who want to help can also do volunteer works at the local food pantry or food bank. Instead of fresh produce going to waste, they will get into the plates of those in need.

Malaria No More has a front line treatment called artemisinin-based combination therapies. It costs only a dollar for a course of malaria treatment that can cure a child in three days. Thus, even a dollar donation is much appreciated.

Spending Christmas in its depth is giving. Giving can be in the form of donations, volunteer works or simply random acts of kindness. Like Google, which celebrates the season of giving by sharing, there are already about 2 million volunteers around the world for Feeding America alone, who share their personal resources to save 46 million people.

By Judith Aparri


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Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture – Flickr License

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