Hostages Are Being Held Inside Australian Lindt Chocolate Shop

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Several hostages are being held inside a Lindt chocolate shop in Sydaney, Australia, according to a Breaking News report by the New York Daily News. The report follows a broadcast by 7News Sydney, which stated that at least 13 people are being held there.

The Lindt chocolate shop is located in Martin Place, Sydney. Though it has not yet been confirmed that ISIS is behind the taking of the hostages, according to Nine News Sydney, a black-and-white Jihadist flag was seen in the hands of a person presumed to be one of the hostages, through the window of the shop.

Witnesses reported seeing the hostages standing up, with their hands pressed against the Lindt chocolate shop’s windows. According to a woman whose office is across the street from the Lindt chocolate shop, a man carrying a blue sports bag entered the shop around 9:44 a.m. The woman said she believed there was a gun inside of the bag.

According to ABC News Australia, witnesses stated that they heard gunshots being fired. Teams of police officers are now on the scene and are also occupying the Chanel building across the street. The entire block has been cordoned off and all roads near the Lindt chocolate shop have been closed.

Buses and trains have been also stopped and diverted. Also, according to the BBC, the Sydney Opera House has been evacuated.

At least 13 hostages have been taken and are being held inside of a Lindt chocolate shop in Sydney, Australia. Because of a Jihadist flag being seen held by one of them, it is unconfirmed but has been speculated that ISIS is behind the taking of the hostages.

Written By Douglas Cobb

New York Daily News
Photo by Sharon Drummond – Flickr License