IHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert Sang in the Holiday Season Right [Recap]

IHeart Jingle Ball

The iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert this year had some of today’s hottest musical artists performing, helping to sing in the holiday season right, like OneDirection, Charli XCX, Maroon 5, Pharrell, and many, many others. They all brought a ton of holiday cheer to a packed Madison Square Garden in New York City, where the musical event was held, streaming live on YouTube.

The first performer of the evening was Pharrell Williams, who was not the only coach and star from the NBC series, The Voice, to perform tonight. He got the crowd pumped up right from the very start, singing Blurred Lines. He was wearing a long pink suit coat over his T-shirt as he sang, and a white hat on his head.

After that, Pharrell’s second song of the night on the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert was Spark the Fire, and he brought out Gwen Stefani from No Doubt and The Voice to sing it with him. Spark the Fire might be just what is required to re-spark Stefani’s singing career. During this song, Pharrell ditched his pink suit jacket and got a bit more casual. Stefani was great, as usual, and showed off her mad rapping skills. Women in red jogging suits danced in the background.

Then, Gwen left the iHeart Jingle Ball stage and Pharrell sang Get Lucky. It was an AWESOME performance, and Pharrell had the audience screaming and singing along as he sang this hit song of the summer.

The last song Pharrell sang on the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert was his mega-hit, Happy. He invited some “kids” onto the stage to be with him — they were all young females. The song still osunds as fresh as ever, and it was a great way to close his short set.

OneRepublic was the next group to perform on the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert stage. Z100’s Elvis Duran took over hosting duties, and introduced them, saying “This is the biggest, baddest Jingle Ball yet.” The first song that OneRepublic sang was Secrets. It was a great performance. One of the band members played a violin. The audience sang the final line of the song.

The band’s big hit, Apologize, followed. The lead singer sang “It’s too late to apologize,/It’s too late.” It was one of the many AMAZING performances at the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert. He mentioned that Taylor Swift was coming up, but she will likely be the final performer of the concert.

OneRepublic’s final song was their big hit, Counting Stars. The lead singer hit some very high notes and played the tambourine as he sang. He even plucked a star from the top of one of the decorated Christmas trees as he sang. At the end of the performance, he went up to some of the audience members and had selfies taken with them.

Shawn Mendes and then Rixton were the next acts to perform at the iHeart Jingle Ball. Shawn Mendes is just 15, but he is already making a big name for himself and will tour with Taylor Swift. He said he was feeling kind of under the weather, but he still managed to sing two songs, accompanying himself on the guitar.

The first song that Shawn sang was called Something Big. He had the audience singing along with him during some parts of the song. the second song he performed was Life of the Party, an upbeat, pretty cool song that the audience also really enjoyed. They cheered and applauded as he finished singing and then he introduced the group that followed him, Rixton.

Rixton was terrific, as well. They sang two cover songs at the iHeart Jingle Ball, the first being the Maroon 5 and Rihanna mash-up, Wait On Me. It sounded pretty cool. Then, Rixton performed the song Me and My Broken Heart. They did a great job with these two songs, keeping the overall energy level in the audience high.

Then, singing a few EDM songs, Calvin Harris took the iHeart Jingle Ball stage. Ansel Elgort was one of the people who introduced him. The first song that Calvin sang was his hit, Summer. Calvin is a frequent musical artist at such events as the Electric Daisy Carnival, and he put on a spectacular light show.

“New York, I want to see your hands up in the air!” he said, then yelling out “Let me see you clap your hands!” At another point in his set, he asked the audience to jump up and down. He sang I Need Your Love and then finished with his hit, Blame, with lines like “Blame it on the night/Don’t blame it on me.”

5 Seconds of Summer, another very hot band, followed Calvin Harris on the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert lineup. Lil Jon, dressed up as Santa Claus, did the honors, introducing the group. The first song that the group did was Good Girls. They put on an amazing performance, and one of the guitarists wore a Metallica T-shirt.

Then, they launched into The Romantics song, What I Like About You. It is one of the best songs The Romantics have ever done, but 5 Seconds of summer definitely does the song justice with their version of it. They KILLED this song, rockin’ it out!

The lead singer said he was going to “slow it down a bit,” and then they sang their hit, Amnesia, at the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert. It is a terrific song, and the audience sang along with them. They ended their set with another one of their hits, She Looks So Perfect.

Emma Roberts from American Horror Story: Freakshow introduced the next extremely popular band, Maroon 5, with lead singer Adam Levine, yet another coach on The Voice on NBC. Some women in the audience yelled out “Adam!” or “Adam! I want you!”

The first song that Maroon 5 did at the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert was their hit, Animals. It was AMAZING — Adam Levine has one of the best singing voices around. Adam then said that they had “been doing Jingle Ball for more than a decade now, which means we’re older than most of you.” One of the other songs Adam sang was the group’s hit, Maps.

Charli XCX performed next. She began by singing her hit, Boom Clap;She and the rest of the women in her band were dressed up like cheerleaders, with the word “Sucker,” on the fronts of their dresses. Charli XCX then sang Break the Rules. She sang “Electric lights/blow my mind,” and “I don’t want to go to school/Just wanna break the rules.” Red hearts with the word “sucker” on them revolved in the background. She KICKED BUTT with her performance!

Rita Ora was the next musical artist to sing on the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert. Singer Shawn Mendes introduced Rita Ora, who he said will be in 50 Shades of Grey this coming summer. She just sang one song, I Will Never Let You Down. She looked pretty HOT tonight, and rocked a blond pony tail. Many of the young females in the audience danced as she sang.

Then, Sarah Jessica Parker introduced “one of my most favorite singers,” according to her, Sam Smith. He now has six Grammy nominations and four Top 40 hits. Smith took the stage and his first song was one of his biggest hits, Too Late. He has such a smooth, soulful voice. The females in the audience seemed to really like his singing, cheering and screaming at various points during the performance.

The second song he performed was another huge hit, I’m Not the Only One.”Let me see your hands, New York,” he said. Many people in the audience swayed and clapped their hands as he sang. He has one of the best voices around, and he held the audience in the palms of his hands as he sang.

Sam said about two years ago, he wrote the song he was going to sing, Out. He hit some uber high notes as he sang. It sounded pretty good, though it has not received as much airplay in most parts of America as the first two songs Smith sang. The song showcased his expertise at singing in the falsetto range.

Sam Smith’s last song of the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert was Stay With Me, another one of his current hits. Many people in the audience sang along with him. Smith said he will be back at Madison Square Garden to sing in January.

Z1100’s host, Elvis Duran, then introduced Nick Jonas, who began by singing a gospel version of his hit song, Jealous. This gospel version is possibly even better than the original version. The audience sang out some of the lines of the song along with him.

Meghan Trainor was the next musical artist to perform on the iHeart Jingle Ball 2104 Concert stage. Her debut album will be released in January. Her first song had the lines “Your lips are moving/so I know you’re lying,” in it. Then, she sang her tremendous hit, All About That Bass. She got the audience really into the song, and give an energetic performance of it.

Jessie J followed Meghan. she was dressed in a black jersey with the number 12 on it and high black boots and not much more. She sang “I’ve got the mattress/You’ve got the gasoline,” in the only song that she performed, I’m Burning Up.

Then, Ansel Elgort introduced Ariana Grande, the next musical artist to hit the iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert stage. Ariana was dressed in a short white costume, revealing her long legs. She had antlers on her head, and sang a song about Santa Claus to get the crowd into the holiday spirit. Ariana has such a powerful, soaring voice.

The next song that Ariana Grande sang was her big hit, Problem, she usually sings it with at least one other person, but she did an AMAZING job just on her own. Iggy was there, vocally, anyway, on a recorded track, rapping. It was a really great performance.. Her next song, she dedicated to her brother, Frankie Break Free.

Jessie J came back onto the stage, singing Bang Bang! It was AMAZING! Araina grande joined her singing this huge, huge hit. Grande did the rapping part that Nicki Minaj usually does — she was TERRIFIC! This song is one of the hottest ones of 2014.

These were just a few of the many musical performers who sang at the iHeart Jingle Ball 2104 Concert at Madison Square Garden. Taylor Swift was, of course, awesome as usual, getting the audience pumped up when she sang her hits like Shake It Off and Blank Space.

For the music fans who attended this year’s Z100 and iHeart Jingle Ball 2014 Concert, they got to listen and see fantastic performances by many of the hottest stars of 2104. It was a great way to kick off the 2014 holiday season!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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Photo by Thomas Hawk, actually taken at Coachella concert in 2014 – Flickr License

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