iPhone Clone Oppo R5 Is the Thinnest Phone in the World [Video]

iPhone Clone

iPhone clone Oppo R5, the world’s thinnest phone from the China-based original equipment manufacturer Oppo Electronics Corporation, has been released to select countries. Unveiled in October, the new Chinese entry into the smartphone game will eventually be made available in other countries worldwide, including the United States. Oppo R5 has a price tag of $450, which is less expensive than Apple’s current flagship iPhone 6, which starts at $500 without a service contract.

The Chinese version of the iPhone is more than two millimeters slimmer than Apple’s smartphone, and is very noticeable for being skinny and slim at 4.85 mm. The unit’s rear part, with silver aluminum and white plastic antenna strips, looks like those of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. R5 has no headphone jack, but only a microUSB port on its bottom, which can be used with an adapter in the handset package to plug headphones into. The earpiece doubles as the external speaker with an average, not-too-loud quality.

While Oppo is not well-known overseas, it is starting to make a name for itself with its unique handsets that it has released with new innovations and technologies. The OEM crafts the iPhone clone nicely with a firm build, classy design and premium materials, like a full glass panel at the front as well as metal at the sides, back and buttons. On the right side of the phone are the power button and volume rocker, while the microphone, microUSB port and SIM card slot are on the bottom. According to Android Authority, the phone gives a sleek feel, but a comfortable non-slippery grip.

The iPhone clone sports a 5.2-inch 1080p 423ppi AMOLED screen, which gives saturated and lively hues as well as stunning viewing angles. It can become very bright outdoors and can be quite dim at night. Under the handset’s covers are a Snapdragon 615 1.5GHz octa-core processor, Adreno 405 GPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, which are responsible for its impressive performance, fast running of apps, efficient animations and exhaustive games that give no lag or dropped frames.

Multitasking is not a problem, but there are observations that the iPhone clone is a little slow, not because of performance but due to an implementation issue. Users have to press the menu button for a long time when they want to access Recent Apps. Another issue is that third-party keyboards are not allowed, though this can be addressed with software upgrades in the future.

The Chinese iPhone clone, the Oppo R5, is excitingly the thinnest phone in the world so far, but its battery is compromised. The 2000mAh unit gives 10 to 12 hours power with two hours of screen-on time, which is a big downside. To make up for this, the handset comes with the VOOC rapid charging capability that gives a 75 percent charge in half an hour.

The iPhone clone has a 5MP front-facing camera and a 13MP main camera with LED flash, Sony sensor and a software interface that is intuitive, clean and simple. It allows easy snapping and video recording. Photos are non-exciting, as they tend to overexpose and overblow the highlights. Though indoor shots are great, it needs some trial and error to get the hang of capturing perfect images. There is a possibility to run out of space, because images are big and there is no microSD slot to expand the 16GB storage.

Oppo’s ColorOS 2.0, which is Android KitKat-based, runs R5. There are no big changes in this latest version of ColorOS when it comes to aesthetics, but it has implemented some helpful operation functions, such as built-in gestures so that apps are available even when the display is off. The tap-to-wake feature comes in very handy, along with the nicely positioned, easy-to-reach power button. Oppo’s devices already enjoy a good reputation in China, and the new iPhone clone Oppo R5, the world’s thinnest phone, is set to make waves for its maker.

By Judith Aparri


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Photo courtesy by Oppo – Press Release Photo

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