J.K. Rowling Brings the 12 Days of Christmas to Harry Potter Fans

J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter fans are getting the 12 days of Christmas thanks to J.K. Rowling. The internationally famous author has announced that she will share a new story every day in the run up to Christmas. All the stories will be available on her Harry Potter website, Pottermore.

The good news for fans is that the site is free to sign up to. There have been previous articles and stories posted on the site to help keep the fandom alive. Fans get to “go to” Hogwarts and will be placed into one of the four houses by the sorting hat.

Just recently, Rowling shared that her character Delores Umbridge was based on a real person. While she refrained from sharing names, she did share that it was a person she just could not get along with in the past. That person likely knows who she is, but nobody has come forward to claim the “honor.” The article was shared at Halloween, and included a comparison between the teacher and Lord Voldermort due to their “desire to control,” as well as to inflict pain, while saying it was “in the name of law and order.”

The latest story is about Draco Malfoy, who was viewed as one of the main enemies for Harry Potter in the novel series. While he was not the main evil, he was someone constantly trying to get the young wizard into trouble, and was even tasked with the job of killing Albus Dumbledore. He did have Severus Snape to look out for him, who ended up doing the task.

During the story, Draco decides to turn away from dark magic when he is older. However, there was some involvement with Death Eaters just after leaving Hogwarts. It seems he and Harry are still enemies.

Rowling is bringing the 12 days of Christmas to Harry Potter fans through her stories. Fans were informed through the newsletter on the site, and promised new writing by the author, along with a few new potions.

The new series of short stories will start on December 12. From there, a new story will be released every day in the run-up to Christmas at 1pm GMT. There are no snippets or ideas available to determine who will be the main focus in her short stories. It is possible that she will share the futures of a few of the other characters from the novels. The last story will be available to read on Christmas Eve.

Fans will also get the chance to win prizes through the Pottermore website as Christmas gets closer. There will be riddles to solve, with prizes for those who manage them successfully. The full way the prizes will be awarded has not completely been shared as of yet. Some of the prizes seem to be surprises on the website.

Rowling has never let her magical world die, despite the novels coming to an end. She is currently working on a three-part movie based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The three movies will be set decades before the Harry Potter novels, and may include Dumbledore. For now, fans will have to make do with the 12 days of Christmas, Harry Potter style, as Rowling shares more stories of her beloved characters.

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