Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey in ‘Midnight Meadows’ Skit

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon definitely started off the week with a bang tonight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with his guests Oprah Winfrey (Selma) and Horatio Sanz as Santa Claus. The musical guest of the Tonight Show was Idina Menzel. Oprah even was in a comedy skit with Jimmy Fallon, called Midnight Meadows.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed the Tonight Show audience warmly, and then he commenced his nightly monologue. He joked about celebs, political figures, and other newsworthy items. In a somewhat paraphrased form, some of the jokes follow.

“Here’s what people are talking about,” Jimmy Fallon said. “Over the weekend, the co-chair of Sony finally apologized to President Obama about the hacking scandal. Obama said ‘Don’t worry; I’ve read the emails.”

Then, Fallon said “Last week, hallucinogenic mushrooms have been found in a garden at Buckingham Palace. At this point, I think she waves just to see her hand move.”

“Tomorrow night, you’ll hear the voice of our announcer, Steve Higgins, in the animated show, Elf. We have a big week of shows coming up,” Fallon said. He mentioned guests like Christoph Waltz and Nicki Minaj who will be on the show later this week, then he said that tonight, Oprah Winfrey will be his guest, along with Idina Menzel.

Jimmy Fallon then continued his nightly “12 Days of Christmas’ bit, where he gives away a sweater each day leading up to Christmas. Tonight, he gave away a green sweater with Santa heads on it. He read the number 225, and went up the aisle to present the sweater to the lucky winner. Fallon had her try it on — right over another sweater she was wearing.

Then, “Santa,” stopped by. “Why are you dressed that way, Horatio?” Fallon asked.

“I’m not Horatio, I’m ‘ho, ho, Horatio,” he said. He wanted to give everybody in the audience a gift. so every night, for the next seven show, the entire audience will get a gift. The bit is called “Tonight Show Stocking Stuffers.” The gift was a Bose speaker system.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the evening, starring in Selma, “the one, the only, Oprah Winfrey!” They hugged each other, Oprah danced a little bit, and said “It’s my first time!” meaning it was her first time on the show.

“I used to love the times on the show when we gave things away,” Oprah said. “Especially the cars! I couldn’t sleep all night the night before.”

She said that she “was so particular about it.” She did not think that “the bows were big enough.” Oprah said she really liked what Jimmy Fallon gave her as a present — namely, sweaters for her dogs.

“You know you’re famous,” Oprah said, “when people send you cross-eyed pictures of yourself.” She thought it would be strange to have guests over and have pictures of yourself all over the place. Fallon asked her to send him a picture of her, and he would display it at his house; and, in return, he would send her a picture of himself.

Oprah admitted to Fallon “I do miss the audiences.” She said “for ten solid years, I shook everybody’s hands in the audience.” Later, she said that everyday, she then would spend 30 to 45 minutes after the show talking with the audience.

“More with Oprah Winfrey when we come back!” Jimmy Fallon said, and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

After the break, Jimmy talked with Oprah about Selma, then asked her about when she got interested in acting. Oprah said she wanted to do the movie, The Color Purple. She asked to take time off to do the show, and she used up all of her vacation time to do the movie. She did two shows a day back then.

“Everyone in your audience has a good time,” Oprah told Jimmy.

Oprah said “Particularly now, I take in a deep breath and take it all in.”

Oprah and Jimmy talked about how young the protesters at Selma were, and how organized they were. She said that she played a real historical character, and she was a bit leery about a part in the movie where she slapped the sheriff. Then, Jimmy said “Welcome back to the Oprah Winfrey Show,” and he showed a clip from Selma.

The sheriff asked her to recite the preamble to the Constitution, then other facts about the state of Alabama, finally stamping DENIED on her voting form. He seemed like a complete jerk, to put it mildly. Then, the Tonight Show headed to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

After more commercials, Jimmy Fallon said that not many people know that he and Oprah were in a soap opera, Midnight Meadows, in which they were husband and wife and the director would change their voices around. He showed a supposed “clip” from the show, and the voices were pretty hilarious, made very high and squeaky. Then, Fallon showed another clip, in which their voices were very deep, which was even creepier. Oprah’s voice then sounded like a man’s voice.

In a third clip, Fallon said that the director would change the pitch of their voices in mid-sentence. It sounded like they were singing, and their voices were electronically altered. At the end of each “clip,” Oprah’s character would slap Fallon’s character in the face, for no apparent reason.

Jimmy Fallon

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon returned from another commercial break, Jimmy introduced the episode’s musical guest, Idina Menzel. She sang the Joni Mitchel song, River, from her latest album of Christmas music, Holiday Wishes. Menzel has a beautiful and powerful voice, and really brought the feeling of Christmas cheer to the night’s episode with the song. The audience erupted in applause as she finished singing the hauntingly lovely song.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was mostly devoted tonight to an interview with Oprah Winfrey. She is one of the few celebrities that people find fascinating enough that they could listen to them speak for hours at a time. Oprah talked about her start in acting in movies, and also about her latest movie, Selma, which is receiving great critical reviews. She even was in a series of three skits with Fallon, called Midnight Meadows. Then, Idina Menzel closed out the evening with a cool Christmas song, River.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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