Kaley Cuoco Recovering From Sinus Surgery Sees ‘Angel’

Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory actress, Kaley Cuoco, is recovering from sinus surgery she had on Friday, December 26, and when she woke up from the anesthetic, she saw an angel, of sorts. According to the caption of a photo Kaley posted at her Instagram account, she wrote that “the first thing I see is my beautiful angel of a man, he’s right there. Always.”

Though her husband, tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, does not have wings, he is definitely an angel to Kaley Cuoco, 29. According to People magazine, Kaley posted a photo of herself with her husband soon after she got out of surgery.

The photo shows Kaley Cuoco with a pixie-cut and wearing a hospital gown, with a bandage under her nose and still connected up to a nasal tube. Both her eyes and those of Ryan are closed in the black-and-white picture, and Ryan has a black beanie on his head.

Besides referring to her husband as an angel, Kaley also called him “noodle,” writing “I love my noodle. He’s perfection.” She also wrote that her husband was “taking amazing care of me.”

One of the reasons that Kaley Cuoco posted the Instagram photo was to prove that she did not have plastic surgery on her nose, as some rumors had contended. In another photo she posted, Kaley is seen cuddling up with her “three little Christmas elves,” as she called them — her three dogs. They were dressed up festively in the photo, as if they were Santa’s helpers.

This New Year’s Eve, December 31, will mark Kaley’s first year anniversary that she has been married to Ryan Sweeting. The happy couple celebrated Christmas together before Kaley underwent the medical procedure.

Post-op recovery is not the most romantic time in the lives of most people who undergo surgery, but in Kaley Cuoco’s case, her husband made a special effort to ensure that the experience was as romantic as possible, under the circumstances. Kaley’s angel was there for her, as she woke up after sinus surgery, to show her how much he cares for her and loves her.

Kaley Cuoco is best-known for playing Penny on The Big Bang Theory and for starring, with actor William Shatner, in Priceline commercials. However, she has acted in several other TV series and movies, and Kaley will be in the flicks Burning Bodki and The Wedding Ringer in 2015.

Having to spend time in a hospital around the holidays is never fun, but fortunately for actress Kaley Cuoco, she could count on her husband, Ryan Sweeting, to be there for her and offer his comfort and support before and after her sinus surgery. Not all angels have wings, as Kaley discovered, upon seeing the love of her life, Ryan, there to take care of her following the medical procedure.

Kaley Cuoco might think of her husband, tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, as her angel or “noodle,” and her three dogs as little Christmas elves, but her millions of fans think of her as one of today’s funniest actresses. She helps put a romantic spark in The Big Bang Theory as Penny, and all of her fans and the staff of Guardian Liberty Voice wish her a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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Photo by heath_bar – Flickr License

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