Khloe Kardashian Happy Being Single

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KardashianAs the end of 2014 approaches, Khloe Kardashian is letting her fans know that she is happy being a single woman. On Tuesday night the reality television star was in Las Vegas hosting a party in a night club when she discussed her current feelings on being unattached as the year came to a close. The reality star said that not only was she loving being a single woman but she also found that it was extremely healthy for people to be single.

While discussing her single status, Kardashian said that it is not a good idea for people to jump from one relationship directly into another without taking a break. The television star said that she tends to wonder if people who bounce from one relationship to another have any type of healing process or even if they know what went wrong in their relationship and how to fix those problems in the future. She wonders if people who do not stay single can identify ways to better themselves outside of being in a couple.

The 30-year-old Kardashian filed for divorce last year from her former basketball player husband Lamar Odom. Recently the reality star separated from her rapper boyfriend French Montana although the two have continued to be friends. Kardashian and Montana were in Las Vegas at the same time and in fact ran into each other. In fact both had dinner at the same time although the two were seated at different tables within the restaurant. The two seemed cordial and friendly when they interacted. While rumors seem to indicate that the relationship may not be completely over, Kardashian is currently happy being single as she enters 2015.

Even when the two were together the reality star seemed hesitant to give a name to their relationship. At one point Kardashian told E! News that she and Montana did not have an official title. Instead she said that the two were more about having a good time together and that there was not something concrete between them.

People Magazine reported that when Kardashian and Montana bumped into each other while they were in Las Vegas they not only said hello to each other but they also chatted further. Now Kardashian is saying that she just wants to have a good time. She feels that her past relationships have taught her a few different lessons and she has decided that she really wants to enjoy her life. She said she wants to win at her life and that while 2014 was a very good year for her, she is hoping that the next year is even better.

Since her split from the rapper back in September the two have remained friends and have continued to reconnect off and on since. Although Kardashian says she is looking forward to the new year, she also felt that the past year was still a pretty great one and that she was happy being single when the new year started. She plans to continue to work on herself and her own happiness in the new year.

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