Kim Kardashian Models for Balmain

KardashianIn a new advertisement from Balmain, Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West model together in a sexy new campaign for the high-fashion menswear line featuring items from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Both Kardashian and West are known for wearing Balmain clothing for different functions, including last year’s bachelorette party and even for their own wedding reception. This is the first time that Kardashian has appeared in a high-fashion campaign for the company, but the television star and businesswoman is apparently excited for the opportunity. In fact, she even took to Twitter in order to send a tweet out to her followers of one of the first images released with the company name all in capital letters.

The creative director for Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, issued a statement in regards to the company’s choice to use the couple in the advertisement. As part of the statement, Rousteing said that he wanted the photographer, Mario Sorrenti, to capture what he calls, a moment of love for the campaign and that the couple themselves represent not only beauty and diversity, but also love. He also said that West and Kardashian are not only friends but also style icons in their own right. Rousteing went so far as to say that the couple is an example of what one might call a new modernity. He described the campaign as being one that should celebrate both friendship and love, while being about more than just the clothing being modeled.

In the first picture that was officially released by Balmain and that was then tweeted by Kardashian, West is modeling a tuxedo jacket that seems to have a plunging front while his wife holds onto him as if to lean in for a kiss. The image seems to be a snapshot of the moment right before a passionate kiss might occur between the couple. Since the campaign is for the menswear line, the focus is more on West in these photographs with his wife acting as more of an accessory to him within the images.

The new Balmain campaign is the first ever advertising campaign that the couple have done together. In one image Kardashian can be seen standing behind her husband with her hands on his shoulders. In another, she appears to be standing in the background looking out into the distance while her husband appears to be sitting and staring directly into the camera. In the end, West does get at least one solo image without Kardashian. In that particular picture, the rapper is wearing a black blazer with gold buttons. It is the same blazer that West has been seen wearing recently while he has been out and about.

Even before Kardashian and West appeared in the new Balmain advertisements modelling the French clothing line, the couple have made numerous appearances wearing the expensive brand. In fact, the couple have even been known to wear coordinated and matching Balmain ensembles. Even their daughter can be seen wearing the brand since Rousteing gave three custom jackets to North West himself.

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