Lindsay Lohan Unleashes ‘The Price of Fame’ Upon the World

Lindsay Lohan

For those people who cannot get enough of downloadable celebrity game apps, Lindsay Lohan has unleashed her own game, The Price of Fame, upon the world. Take that, Kim Kardashian! Now, there is a new role-playing game app in town.

According to Digital Spy, as reported by Business Standard, Lindsay Lohan, 28, chose to announce the new game app via her Twitter account. She wrote that she “developed” the app and added “its ready for you!”

In the mobile game app The Price of Fame, players get to be celebrities, chose the fashionable clothes that they wear and measure success by the amount of fans gained. Players gain fans by their choices and actions and “how you play,” Lohan tweeted.

In other words, with this free app, players get to choose their own ways that they create their characters and chart their own courses to become more and more successful as celebrities. Users can buy upgrades and extra useful items to more rapidly attain higher levels in the game.

The mobile game app The Price of Fame is available on most electronic devices, such as Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. Perhaps by the introduction of the playable app, Lindsay Lohan would like to have the same sort of success with it that Kim Kardashian has had with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, her animated game app. It has raked in an astonishing $3 million in just the first three months it has been available.

While Kim Kardashian’s game app is also about becoming a famous celebrity, Lohan’s The Price of Fame is more of a parody. On her blog, Lindsay wrote that, on the path to celebrity status, “there is a lot of DRAMA along the way!” Lohan developed the game app with the same company that Kim Kardashian used to create her game, Space Inch.

Becoming one of the upwardly mobile Hollywood celebrity types players can create for themselves in The Price of Fame is as easy as swiping constantly. Doing this is supposed to be a comment on how the path to becoming successful in Hollywood can also destroy one’s soul.

If Lindsay Lohan makes with The Price of Fame even half of what Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has already earned, her “parody” might turn out to be more lucrative for her than making movies.

According to a description of the game at the Apple store, there are a multitude of things that player can do as they play. A player can, for instance, punch members of the paparazzi, buy his or her own “private peninsula,” or even “give your baby botox.” It is never too early to think about plastic surgery, as manager Kris Jenner has reportedly pointed out to her client, Selena Gomez.

Lindsay Lohan is officially a resident of London, England, currently. She moved there because she is acting in the David Memet play, Speed-the-Plow. The play has been a hit and Lohan enjoys living in London. She is considering making it a permanent move.

Once a player attracts 400 or more fans while playing The Price of Fame, then it is possible to create one’s own gravatar or persona. It is even possible to create a character of questionable gender, like one that looks like a female but has a big mustache. This game app, created by Lindsay Lohan and Space Inch, is free to download from sites like Google Play and the Apple Store, but upgrades will cost players cash.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Business Standard
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